First Tweet of “Fake News” on Twitter

Just a tiny little correction Mr. President.

So if the systems used here can be trusted it seems that POTUS45 was just one month behind another twitter user to tweet about FAKE NEWS.See the links and screenshots below to see the timeline.

For me the interesting part of this story is not the Fact Checking, but  that the “first” tweet of fakenews contains artifacts of what look to be censorship and casualties that occur around the subject of fake news when spoken of by conservative voices .

POTUS first use of “Fake News”


First use accourding to CTRQ ??? intresting domain name choice.


First twitter user to tweet Fake news.

Casualties of censorship???

All Private?



WWG1WGA onYouTube


Trump Rallies


Tweet this!!!


Just a tiny little correction Mr. President sir.





ty .@realDonaldTrump #MAG #MakeAmericaGreater Than Ever #MAGTE