8chan / 8kun taking more heat

Vanwa tech now advertising that they have no connection to 8kun. When hitting the 8kun.net site

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New Update on 8kun status by Jim Watkins on the Simi Vally ride.

Today’s 8kun update coming from a live YouTube Jim did while traveling in Simi Vally on October 11, 2019.

Joe Smith​ asking, when  is 8kun role out?

Jim replies, Were going live guys, but , its going to take a little more time, because we have some network issues.

sunshineagain1​, asking, Can you explain KUN? Jim reply’s, Kun means mister

CFP  saying, Kun is a title like Chan on Japanese Jim’s reply, Yea Kun is sorta like mister, we got the domain so we thought we would use it.

Mrs. Robbie Adams,, ready to hear from Q…..when???? Jim says, Q Anon is coming back Im sure, and hopefully on our website, because….. hey, Im not a boomer but almost a boomer.

So to watch excerpts of all of Jim’s comments on the status of 8Kun watch this YouTube https://youtu.be/g2p3UgGk8zc



Qanon 8chan/8kun updates on Alexa here http://wootva.com/alexa-skill-qanon/

Alexa Skill QAnon


Some network status updates, ping-able proxy in place.





More information from Infinite chan says 8Kun.net on the way up!!!

Today October 9th 2019 we have a new update from infinite chan ‘If you were previously a Board Owner on 8chan, please email us at admin@8kun.net with your shared secret if you are interested in migrating your board to 8kun.”  This is preparation for all the boards to come back up including Patriots fight and qresearch, the two boards that qanon post on.  Eyes on Digital soldiers, her we go! Look for Q post within hours is a good guess.



8Chan growing up as 8KUN Qanon return is immanent


this 8KUN /qanon update available on Alexa here http://wootva.com/alexa-skill-qanon/

8Chan growing up as 8KUN Qanon return is immanent

A couple new pieces of information, regarding the return of 8 chan, first from @Codemonleyz on  October 6 2019 tweets  out

,”After a few weeks of building new groundwork to better protect user privacy and security, we are now in the final stretches before getting things back online. Beta testing of infrastructure in progress – verifying and confirming that all systems are functioning as expected.“,

next on October 6th 2019, we get an update from infinitechan in a tweet of a video, which appears to be introducing 8 kun dot net, which leads one to believe that 8 chan will now be up on 8 kun dot net.  a search of the domain registry reveals that this domain was created on 9-12-2019, and has as its domain name server a domain named,, byte sec ,dot ,org.


Is 8chan moving to 8kun.net???


It appears that 8 chan (Japanese meaning child) is growing up as kun (Japanese meaning “young man”).

Alexa says!!! look out Anons!!! of 8 kun formally known as 8 chan, the return of Q Anon is immanent!!!

QAnon updates can be activated on Alex by saying Alexa activate qanon updates or by following this link http://wootva.com/alexa-skill-qanon/