Travis View and Fredrick Brennan’s Network Exposed – The Atlantic Council and George Soros

Travis View is a small time twitter personality with a minor radical-left and Antifa following.

He is known in certain circles for the gargantuan effort he puts into attempting to refute Qanon on twitter, alongside his two co-hosts of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast, a show dedicated to doing the same, and a small group of so-called ‘journalists’.

The StratComDC Forum
In  October 19, Travis spoke at #StratComDC , an extreme-left Atlantic Council forum on ‘strategic communications and fighting disinformation‘. Travis’ subject was Qanon and conspiracy theories.

The Atlantic Council is the powerful think tank directly connected to and funded by George Soros.

George Soros features prominently in Q’s intel, where he’s described as being one side of the world’s corrupt pyramid which is in the process of being removed .

As we can see, Travis’s appearance at Stratcom ties him directly to Soros funded media organizations. Is this why he spends so much energy attempting to discredit Q?

Travis is listed under ‘speakers’ on the StratCom website –

A View Of Travis
Up until then, Travis’ visual identity remained largely unknown as he uses a stock photo of a ‘confused’ man on his twitter profile.

On Oct 23rd however, after he’d spoken at StratComDC earlier, Travis unveiled a picture of himself in a tweet.

Washington Post Connection
Travis has also written anti-Q, extreme-left articles for The Washington Post, also connected to Soros’ media organizations through their staff.

Soros and Len Downie of The Washington Post

Confronting Everyday Falsehoods
Here’s Travis talking about QAnon at the Atlantic Council Stratcom conference named ‘Confronting Everyday Falsehoods‘ –

(link timestamped)

Fredrick Brennan and 8chan
Travis has recently become closely connected to Fredrick Brennan, the founder and ex-owner of 8chan.

Both have been united in an all-out  effort to deplatform 8kun. Could it be they want to stop Q from posting? Why only 8kun?

Fredrick sold 8chan to Jim Watkins in 2016 and hasn’t been involved with the website or business since then.

In summer 2019 however, after being interviewed by Elle Reeve, a Vice News journalist, Fredrick out of no-where came out against 8chan and Jim Watkins, embarking on a vicious vendetta against them both.

Fredrick vowed to have 8kun, 8chan’s successor site, deplatformed before it could launch by targeting and harassing its suppliers.

Vice News also happens to be funded by George Soros.

The United Vendetta
Fredrick and Travis have been joined in the campaign by a small group of extreme-left journalists who are also connected to Soros funded media organizations.

The group have been harassing suppliers into stopping working with 8kun, their reason being that 3 shooters posted their manifestoes on 8chan in recent months.

These sad events were also livestreamed on Facebook and Twitch and the shooters posted on Instagram and Twitter. As such, there was no valid or logical reason to single out 8chan.

Fredrick claimed that his reasons for the vendetta were personal, however many believe that to be a cover story, and that he was recruited by Soros’ media organizations to be the spearhead in the campaign against 8chan and Qanon.

Illegal Methods
Fredrick has even resorted to publicly threatening to take down 8kun using more creative illegal methods –

The Harassing Journalists
Here we can see Fred, Travis View and the gang of journalists gleefully helping with the harassment campaign.

Here’s Fredrick letting Travis and his journalist friends know how easy it will be for the group to deplatform #8kun –

The Atlantic Council Connects to George Soros
So far we’ve looked at Travis and all the work he apparently does ‘for fun’, and how he’s connected to The Atlantic Council having spoken as an expert at their Stratcom forum.

We’ve seen the energy that Fredrick Brennan, Travis and the group of journalists have exerted to keep 8kun offline and therefore Q unable to post.

Let’s now take a look at The Atlantic Council and how it’s directly linked to George Soros.

Quoting the following Zero Hedge article –

“The Atlantic Council has accepted donations from funds owned by George Soros and a multitude of other foreign and domestic special interest groups, pushed harmful and imperialistic neoconservative political viewpoints to intellectuals and readers and promoted “black propaganda” now debunked by the intelligence community claiming that Russia was likely to hack the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, and that Wikileaks is a pawn of the Russian government.”

Who Funds The Atlantic Council?
Here’s the list from 2018 –

The Atlantic Council, UkraineGate, Burisma & The Bidens
The Atlantic Council is also involved in the current ‘UkraineGate’ scandal featuring the Bidens.  Coincidentally, the council paid for a top aide of Adam Schiff to travel to Ukraine, just prior to the ‘whistleblower’ announcement.

The council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

The Atlantic Council, Crowdstrike, Soros & Russia Hacking The DNC
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) relied exclusively on data provided by tech company Crowdstrike to justify their claims that Russia was behind the hacking of DNC servers.

Crowdstrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch acts as a Senior Fellow for the Atlantic Council. reports:

The founder of Crowdstrike is also tied to the Atlantic Council, a think tank supported by George Soros which has been accused of accepting funds in exchange for support of favored policy positions as well as promoting disinformation and propaganda attacks against anti establishment figures.

Isn’t it all cozy!
Who do you think is paying Travis View, Fredrick Brennan and the journalists to deplatform 8chan/8kun?

To recap, in this piece we’ve covered –
– Travis View and his attempts to discredit Q
– Travis’ appearance at an Atlantic Council forum
– Travis’ affiliation with Fredrick Brennan

– Fredrick Brennan’s vendetta to keep 8chan/8kun/Q offline
– The journalists harassing 8chan/8kun’s suppliers

The Atlantic Council’s connections to –
– Ukraine and the Bidens
– Ukraine and Adam Schiff
– Soros, a main focus of Q’s intel drops

Stay tuned for part II, coming your way soon.