5G and Q, What Does POTUS Have To Say About This? Taking It To The 8kun Board

5G is one of the matters I would like to see Q address in the near future, as I do not agree with POTUS’ current position on the subject.

A question I put to the 8Kun site late on Christmas Eve and the reply from an Anon.

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Anyone here have questions about Trump position on 5G? I do not understand his position on this topic because of what I feel that I know about this technology and its effects on human beings.

I attempt to justify his position on the idea that he is bluffing on his stance with 5G only to gain control and lead the world vs China perhaps having control and that at some time in the future he will address the problems associated with this technology.

Also wonder about the Chemtrail situation which there is a mountain of evidence for it occurring and I know that Q has eluded to this being stopped. I did feel that it was stopped or lessened at one point but have since seen more evidence that its still going on.

Any thoughts welcome. I have been huge fan of trump and the Q movement and at the same time now want to get clear on these and a few other subjects that are not jiving with the rest of the story.


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Augmented reality. Social score. Something that needs to happen in order for peoplel to abolish it? This is what China has, but Q team bought us some time and took control of our networks rather than chunks owning us more so.

Some frequencies aren’t as harmful or behavior-altering.