MSM Articles on Q and 8chan: ~1530 Articles In December 2019

Here we take an in-depth look and breakdown all MSM anti-Q articles through December 19, including publications and journalists …..

2019 End of Year Report

There are now over 1500 MSM pieces on Q (mostly articles with a few videos). By far, the greatest number of hit pieces were published in August 19 (440), when 8chan was deplatformed after Cloudflare refused to provide DDoS protection and the situation deteriorated from there.

The focus since the Aug 5, 19 deplatforming was more on 8chan (and later 8kun) than QResearch until December, when 8chan articles took a complete dive. Good news, because it reflects the fact that 8kun is running well (despite ongoing challenges) and is no longer newsworthy, at least for the moment. Articles on QResearch are also pretty “plain vanilla” (and no news is good news).

Article timeline through December 2019

Total Number Of MSM Platforms In Descending Order

Total number of MSM platforms in descending order

Publications With Articles That Oppose Q/8chan

50+ Articles: WAPO (115), DAILYDOT (69), RWW (67)

30+ Articles: NBC (59), DAILYBEAST (50), MEDIA MATTERS (53), THEHILL (41), NYT (47), NEWSWEEK (38), SALON (31), UK-GUARDIAN (31)

20+ Articles: BUZZFEED (30), VICE (32), HUFFPO (30), ABC (28), THEVERGE (23), ROLLINGSTONE (21)

16+ Articles: CNN (22), SLATE (19), UK-BBC (17), BREITBART (17), VOX (17)

10+ Articles: BUSINSDR (15), SPLC (14), NPR (13), NY-MAG (13), MOTHER JONES (12), FOX (12), MASHABLE (12), CBS (12), SEATTLE TIMES (11), WSJ (11), YAHOO (11), POLITICO (11), TIME (10), UK-SUN (10)

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Total number of MSM platforms in descending order

Journalists With 6+ Articles That Oppose Q/8chan

20+ Articles: Ben Collins (26), Kyle Mantyla (27), Alex Kaplan (30), Will Sommer (34), Mike Rothschild (36), Jared Holt (37)

10+ Articles: Tom Porter (11), Drew Harwell (11), Emily Birnbaum (11), Abby Ohlheiser (11), David Covucci (13), Brandy Zadrozny (14), Kelly Weill (15)

6+ Articles: David Gilbert (6), Julia Carrie Wong (6), Luke Barnes (6), Ryan Broderick (6), Cristina Lopez (6), Paris Martineau (6), Ellen Ioanes (6), Daniel Moritz-Rabson (6), Andrew Whalen (6), Adi Robertson (7), Philip Bump (7), Travis View (7), April Glaser (9), E J Dickson (9), Ali Breland (9)

BIG 9 Authors by MSM media platform

Nov. 19 Article Themes In Rough Time Order

* 8chan returns as 8kun (Nov 2)
* California could have stopped 8chan but it didn’t (Nov 4 – hahaha….)
* 93 days of darkness (Nov 6)
* 8chan owner Jim Watkins sues Fredrick Brennan (Hotwheels) for libel in the Philippines (Nov 11)
* Various reports on political candidates who follow Q (hit pieces of course)
* 8kun is an Internet nomad (because it kept having to change domains)

Dec. 19 Article Themes In Rough Time Order

* ZERO 8kun posts (all is well, nothing to say)
* Anthony Comello trial; defense is “Q made me do it”
* Jesse Watters neutral segment on Q: Q followers happy [Note: Watters didn’t get dumped on]
* Pizzagate arsonist pleads guilty [not really a Q story, but always linked with Q]
* POTUS retweets Q followers
* Ice-T tweet flat

Six Phases Of MSM Coverage On Q & From March 2019, 8chan

1. Q UNKNOWN TO MSM (but they wonder if it has to do with “the calm before the storm”)

2. Q IS A LARP (MSM mocks Q, tries to make the idea sound silly)

3. Q DENOUNCED (Mass attack launched Aug 1 2018; they try to say Q movement is dangerous w/weak evidence)

4. Q ATTACKED (Weakly associated with fake bomber/synagogue shooter; also, fake science deployed to debunk)

5. Q/8CHAN PAIRED; 8CHAN DEPLATFORMED (each used to discredit the other after Christchurch; both go down in August)

6. 8 CHAN REPLATFORMED (Attacks continue but seem like ‘old news’; Jesse Watters has semi-positive report which ‘normalizes’ Q a little; POTUS retweets Q tweets)

Q MSM Watch Reports are published every two months.

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* Article timeline through December 2019
* Total number of MSM platforms in descending order
* BIG 9 Authors by MSM media platform

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