My Journey Takes A New Road

I have recently had a number of life challenges that have left me at a moment in time that it may be necessary to move out of the Battlefields of VA.  My plans are to go on road and teach Bikram yoga, something I love but does not pay much. My transportation is getting older every day, and I have a couple target locations I would like to relocate to.  Once I arrive I will need to have funds to get a place to rent while I earn part time monies teaching yoga and locating a new job.

I have been active in Q movement since beginning and promoted Trump before that.  If I have been helpful to you and or you have enjoyed my effort to bring the information to you and you feel lead to donate it will be much appreciated.  I have never done anything like this before and its not in my nature, however I am alone as an anon of Q and one of the deplorables that have suffered greatly from a system that has not been designed in our favor.  My channel on YouTube was wildly successful in the first few months of Q and then quickly terminated.

If you do choose to donate please feel free to leave a note with anything that I can help you, on any subjects that I list here or any others you have seen me share in the past.  My most desired outcome would be that I could get back into the Technology fied that I worked in for 15 years.  I have taken steps to show my abilities by getting a current certification in AWS Cloud Certification which you can see under the AWS menu tab.

Thank you so much
Will Power

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Thank you for your donations of any amount, and please include a note of anything I can help you with.

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