Fredrick Brennan Flees Arrest – U.S. Authorites Alerted

Fredrick Brennan has secretly fled the Philippines in order to escape arrest, after a warrant was issued on February 26.

Facing imprisonment there for 6 to 12 years for cyber libel charges against 8kun owner Jim Watkins, Brennan tweeted the news this morning at 04.12am.


US Authorites Alerted to Brennan’s Involvement In Cyber Crime
Twenty minutes later, Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins’ son who runs 8kun  tweeted another surprise:  “Authorities in US have been alerted to his cyber crime involvement with an underage accomplice from Texas.”


Brennan’s Arrest Warrent Issued February 26
Rappler reported that according to Brennan’s lawyer Alex Acain, The Pasig Regional Trial Court Branch 158 issued the arrest warrant, signed by presiding judge Romeo Dizon Tagra yesterday, February 26.

Acain said Brennan was currently in the United States and could not confirm when he would return.


Brennan Claims to Be In California
In a tweet from the same time Brennan claimed to be in California, being helped by the group of MSM journalists and twitter personalities who last year assisted him in the harassment campaign against 8kun and their suppliers. Their aim was the deplatforming of 8kun, the platform where Qanon posts.


Julian Feeld From QAnon Anonymous Podcast Assisting Brennan
Julian Feeld (@julianfeeld), in the tweet above, is one of the three co-hosts of the Qanon Anonymous Podcast, a group who work tirelessly on social media to discredit Qanon and 8kun.


Julian Feeld, Travis View and Jake Rockatansky
Julian Feeld, alongside fellow podcast co-hosts Travis View and Jake Rockatansky are part of a wider group of journalists and social media personalities who waged a harassment campaign against Jim Watkins, 8chan and 8kun last summer, their aim to deplatform 8kun.

While their efforts were partly sucessful and kept 8kun offline for 3 months, it relaunched successfully in November 19 and has been healthy since. Qanon continues to post there exclusively.


Are Bigger Charges In The Pipeline For Brennan?
Considering the charges Watkins could have pressed against Brennan, when served in November 2019,  the cyber libel charges and arrest Brennan is currently fleeing from,  seemed like small fish.

Now forced to flee to the U.S however, Brennan may find himself in even deeper water, and may face charges which were not possible to serve while he was in the Philippines.

The Cyber Crime which Ron Watkins reported is thought to be the intense DDoS attacks and attacks on the Captcha system which 8kun was relentlessly hit with as it was coming back online after the deplatforming.


What Happened In The Lead Up?
Let’s take a look at why Fredrick is currently in this situation, and at tweets from that time which show –

– his intent to attack 8kun
– his sharing of detailed information on 8kun’s network setup
– his thoughts on what type of cyber attacks on 8kun would be effective
– him tweeting instructions on how to attack 8kun’s Captcha system

Firstly, here’s Brennan showing his intent to destroy Watkin’s business –


The tweet below has now been deleted –


Brennan Threatens 8kun With Cyber Attacks
Secondly, here’s Brennan showing his intent to attack 8kun –


Here’s Fredrick suggesting he would attack using an open source flood script which would flood 8kun’s servers and, render the site inaccessible. The tweet below has now been deleted, as has @IntlNanotech’s account –


Brennan’s Underage Accomplice
Nanotech is alegedly Brennan’s underage accomplice, the 16 year old from Texas who has, alongside Brennan, reportedly been reported to the FBI for the cyber attacks on 8kun.

Neon Revolt explains in full detail in his recent article here –

Breaking Exclusive: Fredrick Brennan (@HW_Beat_That) Goes Fugitive as @Playboy Readies to Attack #8Kun! More Surprises in Store for Fred from the Feds? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


The tweet below has also now been deleted, as has @TKtheAnimal’s account. Fredrick tweets that the site’s Captcha system is vunerable, and what an attacker could do “for example”.

TKtheAnimal agrees with Brennan with “Agreed. If it has to be up, make it hard to access’.


Here’s Brennan giving instructions on twitter on how to attack 8kun by flooding the Captcha –


The tweet below has now been deleted –


The Journalist And Twitter Group
Thirdly, here are tweets from the group who assisted Brennan which show him sending them information on how to destroy Watkin’s business.

Note the ‘we’ in the tweet below –

Podcast Link


Sharing 8kun’s Network Configuration
Here’s Brennan passing on detailed information about 8kun’s network configuration to the group. Why would he be passing this on to these people; information only useful for planning a cyber attack?

Fred also informs them where 8kun’s vulnerabilities to deplatforming are –


Bellingcat, Vice, The Atlantic, Wired and The Washington Post
Robert Evans of Soros funded news channels Bellingcat and Vice News,  aided Brennan in the deplatforming.  Evans’ user ID on twitter is @IWriteOK.

We can see Brennan passing on 8kun’s network configuration to Evans in the tweet above, alongside Q Anonymous Podcast  hosts Julian Feeld, Travis View and Jake Rockatansky.

Also cc’d were Drew Harwell, a Washington Post journalist, and Timothy McLaughlin who writes for Soros publications The Atlantic, The Washington Post and Wired.


Here’s Brennan gloating to Travis View about another of 8kun’s domains being pulled by the registrar after their harrasment campaign against 8kun’s suppliers.


Here’s Travis View congratulating Brennan for the new domain being pulled by the register after their harassment campaign –


The same names, over and over again
And finally, for now, here’s Brennan telling the group about the Counter-Affidavit filed by him in response to Watkin’s cyber-libel charges in the Philippines in December 19.

Notice the same names, over and over again. This small group are responsible for writing most of the anti-Qanon articles published by the Soros connected media. Go figure.


Brennan Files Appeal
Meanwhile, today, Brennan has filed an appeal with the Philippine courts –

The Appeal / Petition for Review Document


This story is developing and we’ll update as new information comes in. We also have further relevant information from the past which we’ll publish in a follow up piece.

Stay tuned.


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