Logan Strain AKA Travis View Is Sheltering Fugitive Fredrick Brennan

As Fredrick Brennan continues to run from justice, an arrest warrant issued in the Philippines for Cyber Crimes, we take a look at who’s aiding and abetting him in California.

Travis View is a friend of Brennan’s, both having played large parts in the online tortious interference and deplatforming campaign against 8kun and owner Jim Watkins last year.

Yesterday, Travis View posed in a photograph with Brennan, apparently goading the FBI to take note.


Who is Travis View?
Travis View is a small-time twitter personality who’s found a tiny niche ridiculing individuals who follow QAnon.  View is a pseudonym, and many have questioned why Travis doesn’t use his real name.
Well, we may have found out.

Who is Logan Strain?
Travis View is actually Logan Strain, a content strategist, professional  marketer, copywriter and social media expert for The Control Group, a  technology company based in San Diego.

Strain specializes in brand strategy, online reputation management and social media marketing. Below is his ‘real’ twitter account.

Travis At The Atlantic Councils’ StratCom Forum
In  October 19, Travis spoke at #StratComDC , an extreme-left Atlantic Council forum on ‘strategic communications and fighting disinformation‘. Travis’ subject was Qanon and conspiracy theories.


Here’s Travis listed under ‘speakers’ on the StratComDC site –


A View Of Travis
Up until then, Travis’ visual identity remained largely unknown as he uses a stock photo of a ‘confused’ man on his twitter profile.

On Oct 23 2019 however, after he’d spoken at StratCom earlier, Travis unveiled a picture of himself in a tweet.

Washington Post Connection
Using his pseudonym, Travis has also written negative articles on Q for The Washington Post.

Logan’s profile on The Search Engine Journal states he has written content for Mashable, Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Salesforce blog.

The Science Of Selling
Here’s a blog post on a talk by Logan on The Science Of Selling, where he explains that natural human traits can be exploited by sales people using specially designed content.

Crime Wire
Logan is a regular writer for Crime Wire, an affiliate site of The Control Group. It’s reason for being  is to funnel viewers into doing people searches. It does this by instilling fear through articles about serial killers and data theft, among others.

Another piece for the Search Engine Journal –

Is The Anti-Q Work Is Just Another Copywriting Persuasion Gig?
Are Strain’s anti Qanon projects simply another copywriting gig for his company? Is that gig to provide ‘strategic content’ on twitter? On the QAnonymous Podcast?  If so, who is the client?

Strain: “Starting with a new client can be difficult, because something that may have left one client smiling might make your new one completely indifferent. In order to get a feel for your new gig, there are a few questions you need to ask in order to produce your best work and prevent frustrating hang-ups.

The Control Group
Founded in San Diego in 2012, The Control Group has two main products, the people search platforms Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder.  These are also rebranded and sold under different names.

Websites and landing pages are created to funnel traffic into conducting people searches, with publicly available information on everyone in the country aggregated  and sold as reports.

Instant Checkmate
Logan Strain is a writer for Instant Checkmate, specializing in writing about brand strategy, online reputation management, and social media marketing.

It’s Just Your Data We’re Selling
Instant Checkmate’s background checks include phone numbers, addresses, criminal history, census data, social media profiles “and more“.

Co-founder Kris Kibak explains the concept:
“So many people were starting to meet people online, but it can be so dangerous when you don’t know who you’re talking to,” Kibak said. “We wanted a way for people to figure out who they were talking to online, who’s living next door, who’s down the street.”

The Instant Checkmate website notes that “when you have access to background data, the possibilities are endless.”

Truth Finder has also released an application which uses predictive technology to build interactive family trees. They claim it’s for “genealogy research and more.”

At least they’re transparent.

Review of TruthFinder
For all Travis’s writing and selling expertise, Truthfinder is still plagued by terribly bad reviews. We found 141 one star reviews and rafts of complaints on just one review site.

Could it be Logan’s attitude? Here’s what he thinks of them…


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