8chan / 8kun Owner Sues Fredrick Brennan For Cyber Libel

8chan owner Jim Watkins has accused 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan of cyber libel in the Philippines, Rappler.com reports.

“Both Watkins and Brennan are Americans living in the Philippines. Unlike in the United States, libel in the Philippines is a criminal offense and could land anyone convicted of it in jail.” – Rappler.com

Jim Watkins, who runs the @IsItWetYet twitter account, re-tweeted it upon release on November 11, 2019.

Read Rappler’s full article here –

8chan owner sues founder for cyber libel in the Philippines


Centipede Nation Reports
On November 7, Centipede Nation released an earlier report on the subject, retweeted by Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins’ son immediately after release.

8Kun’s Fight Ahead: Jim Watkins Takes On Fredrick Brennan’s Maligned Attacks – Files Criminal Complaint

A few weeks ago, we made a post expressing how Jim Watkins could explore suing Fredrick Brennan for libel due to his personal attacks and consistent attempts at preventing Jim Watkins from conducting business.

It seems Jim Watkins is moving forward and has released the details of his criminal complaint against Brennan. We are left to wonder if Fredrick Brennan is even going to survive this since his actions have been documented extensively.”

Read Centipede Nation’s full article here –


Neon Revolt Reports
First to report was Neon Revolt, publishing the article below on November 6. Again, it was retweeted by Ron Watkins directly after release and includes the criminal complaint documents.

Read Neon Revolt’s full article here –

Breaking Exclusive: The Criminal Complaint against Fredrick Brennan (@HW_BEAT_THAT). #QAnon #8kun #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


We’ll keep adding updates to this page as news is released.

Interested in the background to this case? wootva.com has an article here –

Travis View and Fredrick Brennan’s Network Exposed – The Atlantic Council and George Soros


8chan / 8kun – New Hosts VDSina Announce Their Support

8kun / 8chan’s new hosts VDSina have announced their support of 8kun, freedom of speech and freedom of expression on the Internet.

“We Are Legion, We are 8chan”
On their facebook page, VDSina explain
why they decided not to block 8chan but host them instead.

“We don’t always approve of what they say, but we will defend their right to say it.”


8kun’s Hosting Secured
And so, it appears that 8kun’s hosting is secure for now. Journalists, Anons, Patriots, please share so that VDSina and 8kun can gain support.

Thanking them may also be appreciated. Their twitter page –


Domain Names
Now on to domains which are being lost due to the cancel culture effort being waged by The Atlantic Council and Soros’s gang of so called ‘journalists’.


Cancel Culture
Yesterday, 8kun lost
 8kun.us due to pressure on the domain registrar, GoDaddy, from those mentioned above. See Fredrick Brennan’s twitter page for more info and how they’re doing it.


Codemonkey: #InTheWorks
8kun Admin Ron Watkins tweeted that the .us domain had been pulled and the next domain was #InTheWorks


“Nothing Can Stop This. Nothing!”
Regardless of the attacks, Q wasted no time in posting today, giving us 3 new drops before noon and 6 in total. One post was on the subject of the attacks.

Read the rest of Q’s posts from today at qmap.pub.


Poor Soros
Whatever the Soros gang are doing, they’re not managing to stop Q from posting. They must be tearing their hair out right now.


Op Suggestion
May I humbly suggest posting Q posts on our enemy’s threads.

They cite ‘conspiracy’, ‘vagueness’, ‘cult’, ‘posts make no sense’, and by posting the actual Q drops on their threads, they cannot fight back but by ad hominem.



Onwards and upwards Anons and Patriots, we are WINNING !


POTUS In Code At Kentucky Rally: “I’M Q”


As Epstein was thrust back into the news this week, it also appears that POTUS revealed through code, that he is in fact Q.

Here’s a fantastic new video about it from fellow anon
Where We Go 1 We Go All –

The Numbers
The numbers in POTUS’ speech at the rally at Lexington, Kentucky, relate to terms of 4 years plus 1 more year –

5 = 1 year left + 1 term (4) = 5 years
9 = 1 year left + 2 terms (8) = 9 years
13 = 1 year left + 3 terms (12) = 13 years
17 = 1 year left + 4 terms (16) = 17 years

Q’s  Code  Key
Where each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, using a code and key previously confirmed by Q, they also spell “I’M Q”.

Early on, Q signed a post as follows –
which translates in code to –

Let’s Look At The Posts
On November 1, 2017, Q signed post #35 as ‘4,10,20’ –


A day later on November 2, 2017 in post #40, Q posted this key –


And lastly, on July 10, 2019, Q appeared to re-confirm the code and key –


What do you think folks? Is Q DJT?

Epstein didn’t kill himself, that we do know.
We look forward to reading your comments below.



QAnon – What Has Q Said About Impeachment?

President Trump

Let’s take a look.

Post #16
Nov 1, 2017

Back when Q started posting 2 years ago, he stated that POTUS was 100% insulated and that there was absolutely no risk (zero), of him being impeached.


Post #953
March 17, 2018

Five months later, Q posted that election theft was the ‘last hope’ for the Deep State, and that congressional focus would be on impeaching POTUS.


Post #1492
June 13, 2018

Three months later, Q stated that the Democrat’s ‘only hope’ was to win the mid-terms in November, to defend/impeach/stop the investigations being carried out by John Huber and Michael Horowitz.


Post #1609
June 27, 2018

Ten days later,  Q pointed out that regardless of the extensive list of great things POTUS had achieved for the country, the MSM (the propaganda tool of the Democrat Party), were still only disparaging POTUS and repeating calls for his impeachment.

Q implored us to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!


Post #1646
June 30, 2018

Two posts later, Q posted an all caps message telling us that we all had a choice and that we should think for ourselves and trust ourselves, regardless of how the MSM and Hollywood attempted to manipulate.

Q said that they wanted us divided through race, class, religious and political wars. Listing the talking points of the MSM and Hollywood, he listed ‘promoting impeachment for no reason’ as one example of media manipulation.


Post #1974
August 29, 2018

Two months later, Q pointed out that impeachment required a 2/3 vote in the Senate. As such, it would be impossible for POTUS to be impeached as Republicans hold the Senate majority.


Post #2136
September 10, 2018

A month later, Q posted about the Fake News ‘impeachment’ attack which was being waged by the MSM against POTUS.

Q posted links to numerous MSM articles all on the subject of ‘impeachment’. Q stated that something very big may be about to drop as attacks were increasing from all directions.


Post #2202
September 18, 2018

A week later, Q said that blackmail was being used by the MSM on politicians to apply leverage against POTUS so that he would not release the FISA abuse material.

And/or, they were threatening to force immediate impeachment hearings regarding the danger of “state secrets, sources and methods” being released, citing POTUS’ mental state.


Post #2584
December 11, 2018

Two months later, Q pointed out that a sitting president could not be indicted and yet again, that impeachment required a 2/3 Senate vote.  An impeachment vote could never pass with a Republican majority in the Senate.

Q suggested the Democrats, the MSM and politicians were aware of this, and that all talk of ‘impeachment’ and ‘indictment’ was a show intended to garner support from their base.


Post #2658
January 6, 2019

A month later Q asked again why the Democrats, the MSM and Hollywood were continuing to push the impeachment narrative given that it required a 2/3rd Senate vote.

Q suggested again that the aim was to project a supposed ‘supportable with evidence’ wrongdoing to their base and create confirmation bias.


Post #3028
March 11, 2019

Two months later, Q stated that Nancy Pelosi was threatening to impeach POTUS to prevent declassification of the FISA abuse material.

Q suggested that the threat wasn’t real, rather it was intended to create talking points to ‘project outrage’, in order to justify fake investigations and boost Democrat donor support.

Q stated that impeachment required FACTS, and again, that impeachment required a  2/3rd vote of the SENATE.


Post #3533
July 29, 2019

Four months later, Q repeated, once again, that impeachment required 2/3 vote of the Senate.

Q noted that Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate and as such, impeachment could never be voted through.

Q stated that the Democrats were conning their supporters using ‘hope’ tactics, while maintaining the fake news that POTUS had obstructed justice.

Q said this was being done with 2020 in mind.


So there we have them, all posts from Q thus far regarding impeachment and POTUS.

There are more Q posts regarding the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, which are not included here.

As we can see, Q assures us repeatedly that impeachement is not possible, and that talk of it is a show by the Dems to garner support from their base and cast doubt on POTUS leading up to 2020.

According to Q, impeachment is nothing to worry about.

It doesn’t mean we should not continue to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

We’re winning!



How Do We Know THIS Q Is The REAL Q?

It appears that Q has made his first posts on 8kun !

Many in the community are asking…
‘how do we know THIS Q is the REAL Q?’

To answer, let’s take a look in this thread at how Q has verified his identity in the past and may do again.

First though, the new posts and the video and tweets Q linked to –

The above tweet is also a QProof. Check out the tweet for info.
Will has also made a short video about it which you can catch here.



How Q Has Confirmed His Identity
So those are the lastest Q posts. Now let’s take a look at how Q has verified his identity in the past and may do again.

Method 1: Tripcode
A tripcode is a unique identifier created from a password only known to Q. The imageboard software takes the pw and re-creates it into the trip displayed.

Q’s current trip is Q !!mG7VJxZNCI, so it appears that it’s the real Q who was posting on 11/2/19, the day 8kun launched.


Method 2:  Image Sequence
To re-confirm his identity in the past, Q has used an additional method.
Q has posted a sequence of photographs taken 2 seconds apart, at different times.


On 11/9/17 in #130, Q posted an arial photograph. It was posted at the same time as POTUS was flying on Air Force 1 during the 2017 Asia trip.

The filename of the photo was _AF1_5A_2.png


Around 6 months later on 05/22/18, to re-confirm his identity, Q posted another photo of the same scene, taken 2 seconds after the first.

These unique photos proved that Q was the same Q.
See Q posts #1437 and #1438 below.

The filename of the second photo was _AF1_5A_3.png, following _AF1_5A_2.png which had been posted previously.


This graphic explains the ‘photo sequence’ method which Q has used previously to re-confirm his identity –


Approximately 3 months later on 09/05/18, Q posted #2089 in response to a hit piece on Q by Jack Posobiec on OAN.

Posobiec had claimed to know the creator of Q, an anon named ‘microchip’.

Q later shamed Posobiec, showing his chatlog ‘proofs’ to be utter fakes.


Posobiec also claimed that the ‘old Q’ wasn’t ‘the new Q’, and that a number of Q’s were LARPING, posting as Q.
In response, Q posted of how he confirms his identity using the photo sequence.

Ask yourself a (simple) logical question…
Why are the majority of ‘Q’ attacks by “PRO_MAGA” supporters coming from AJ [MOS backed] and/or AJ known associates?
Why are we a threat to them?
Why not simply publish an original picture +/- 1,2,3 secs to establish credibility?
Why was this done in the past?
We knew this type of “attack” was coming.


Then, 2 posts later in #2090, Q re-posted the 2 photos post again, adding the message below –

Re: why not post an original picture +/- 1,2,3 secs to establish credibility?
Ex 1:
_AF1_5A_2 posted 11/09/17
_AF1_5A_3 posted 05/22/18
[2 sec stream]
This is not a game.
These people are stupid.


Here are the links to the Q posts in this thread on qmap.pub.\
You can also find Q’s new posts listed there.



Q tells us that this type of attack was prepared for, that it’s predictable, and that those trying to claim that Q isn’t the REAL Q ‘are stupid’.


Q proves it’s the same Q throughout the entire drops by this method, in addition to his tripcodes and private boards only he has the keys to.

As such, Q may very well soon post to re-confirm his identity and trip on 8kun using the same method.

Eyes on for _AF1_5A_4 folks !





Travis View and Fredrick Brennan’s Network Exposed – The Atlantic Council and George Soros

Travis View is a small-time twitter personality with a minor radical-left and Antifa following.

Known in certain circles for the gargantuan effort he puts into attempting to refute Qanon ‘for free’, Travis spends so much time on it in fact, that it appears to be more than full-time.

Travis is also one of 3 people who run the QAnonAnonymous Podcast, a show dedicated to doing the same.


The StratComDC Forum
In  October 19, Travis spoke at #StratComDC , an extreme-left Atlantic Council forum on ‘strategic communications and fighting disinformation‘. Travis’ subject was Qanon and conspiracy theories.

The Atlantic Council is the powerful think tank directly connected to and funded by George Soros.

George Soros features prominently in Q’s intel, where he’s described as being one side of the world’s corrupt pyramid which is in the process of being removed .

As we can see, Travis’s appearance at Stratcom ties him directly to Soros funded media organizations. Is this why he spends so much energy attempting to discredit Q?

Travis is listed under ‘speakers’ on the StratComDC site –


A View Of Travis
Up until then, Travis’ visual identity remained largely unknown as he uses a stock photo of a ‘confused’ man on his twitter profile.

On Oct 23rd however, after he’d spoken at StratComDC earlier, Travis unveiled a picture of himself in a tweet.


Washington Post Connection
Travis has also written anti-Q, extreme-left articles for The Washington Post, also connected to Soros’ media organizations through their staff.


Soros and Len Downie of The Washington Post

Confronting Everyday Falsehoods
Here’sTravis talking about Qanon at the Atlantic Council Stratcom conference named ‘Confronting Everyday Falsehoods‘ –

(link timestamped)


Fredrick Brennan and 8chan
Travis has recently become closely connected to Fredrick Brennan, the founder and ex-owner of 8chan.

Both have been united in an all-out  effort to deplatform 8kun. Could it be they want to stop Q from posting? Why only 8kun?

Fredrick sold 8chan to Jim Watkins in 2016 and hasn’t been involved with the website or business since then.

In summer 2019 however, after being interviewed by Elle Reeve, a Vice News journalist, Fredrick out of no-where came out against 8chan and Jim Watkins, embarking on a vicious vendetta against them both.

Fredrick vowed to have 8kun, 8chan’s successor site, deplatformed before it could launch by targeting and harassing its suppliers.

Vice News also happens to be funded by George Soros.


The United Vendetta
Fredrick and Travis have been joined in the campaign by a small group of extreme-left journalists who are also connected to Soros funded media organizations.

The group have been harassing suppliers into stopping working with 8kun, their reason being that 3 shooters posted their manifestoes on 8chan in recent months.

These sad events were also livestreamed on Facebook and Twitch and the shooters posted on Instagram and Twitter. As such, there was no valid or logical reason to single out 8chan.

Fredrick claimed that his reasons for the vendetta were personal, however many believe that to be a cover story, and that he was recruited by Soros’ media organizations to be the spearhead in the campaign agaist 8chan and Qanon.


Illegal Methods
Fredrick has even resorted to publicly threatening to take down 8kun using more creative illegal methods –


The Harassing Journalists
Here we can see Fred, Travis View and the gang of journalists gleefully helping with the harassment campaign.

Here’s Fredrick letting Travis and his journalist friends know how easy it will be for the group to deplatform #8kun –


The Atlantic Council Connects to George Soros
So far we’ve looked at Travis and all the work he apparently does ‘for fun’, and how he’s connected to The Atlantic Council having spoken as an expert at their Stratcom forum.

We’ve seen the energy that Fredrick Brennan, Travis and the group of journalists have exerted to keep 8kun offline and therefore Q unable to post.

Let’s now take a look at The Atlantic Council and how it’s directly linked to George Soros.

Quoting the following ZeroHedge article –

“The Atlantic Council has accepted donations from funds owned by George Soros and a multitude of other foreign and domestic special interest groups, pushed harmful and imperialistic neoconservative political viewpoints to intellectuals and readers and promoted “black propaganda” now debunked by the intelligence community claiming that Russia was likely to hack the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, and that Wikileaks is a pawn of the Russian government.”


Who Funds The Atlantic Council?
Here’s the list from 2018 –


The Atlantic Council, UkraineGate, Burisma & The Bidens
The Atlantic Council is also involved in the current ‘UkraineGate’ scandal featuring the Bidens.  Coincidently, the council paid for a top aide of Adam Schiff to travel to Ukraine, just prior to the ‘whistleblower’ announcement.

The council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.


The Atlantic Council, Crowdstrike, Soros & Russia Hacking The DNC
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) relied exclusively on data provided by tech company Crowdstrike to justify their claims that Russia was behind the hacking of DNC servers.

Crowdstrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch acts as a Senior Fellow for the Atlantic Council.

Disobedientmedia.com reports:

The founder of Crowdstrike is also tied to the Atlantic Council, a think tank supported by George Soros which has been accused of accepting funds in exchange for support of favored policy positions as well as promoting disinformation and propaganda attacks against anti establishment figures.


Isn’t it all cozy!
Who do you think is paying Travis View, Fredrick Brennan and the journalists to deplatform 8chan/8kun?


To recap, in this piece we’ve covered –
– Travis View and his attemps to discredit Q
– Travis’ appearance at an Atlantic Council forum
– Travis’ affiliation with Fredrick Brennan

– Fredrick’s vendetta to keep 8chan/8kun/Q offline
– The journalists harassing 8chan/8kun’s suppliers

– The Atlantic Council’s connections to Ukraine and the Bidens
– The Atlantic Council’s connections to Ukraine and Adam Schiff
– The Atlantic Council’s connections to Soros, a main focus of Q’s intel drops


Stay tuned for part II, coming your way soon.

Part I of II

QAnon Proof – Google Antitrust Investigation Announced

On Monday, 50 bi-partisan attorneys general from across the US, announced an antitrust investigation into Google for ‘potential monopolistic behavior‘.

Q informed us this would happen last year, so the news gives us a significant #QProof

So let’s kick off and take a look at the relevant Q posts…

First,  here’s the announcement –



Is Google Under C_A Control?
On March 7, 2019, Q told us that Google was a DARPA project, and that there were ‘Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.’

Q linked us to an article about the true origin of Google,  reporting that it partly lies in C_A and NSA research grants for mass surveillance.





“The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public.”

“They hoped to direct the supercomputing revolution from the start in order to make sense of what millions of human beings did inside this digital information network. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today.”

DARPA is The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

Q: Read between the lines…



Q: Big Tech & Intelligence Agencies WW Spying On Citizens
On March 28, 2018, Q revealed that Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter were actively tracking users worldwide and that the data was shared and being used.

Let’s take a close look at this post for even more revelations –




Q Links to Antitrust Laws
In August 2018, Q linked us to the Antitrust Laws and guides. In the same post (below) Q also mentions Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Q pointed out that the media has never been more consolidated, and that 6 media giants now control 90% of what we read, watch and listen to.

Q also stated that the consolidation of FAKE NEWS was the [propaganda arm of the D party].


Links from Q Post 1841 –

The Antitrust Laws

Guide To The Antitrust Laws




The Google Operation
On June 17, 2018, Q posted about the GOOG OP, and that it had ‘provided undeniable proof’. According to Q, the operation was a covert one carried out by white hat operators.

Q also asked, ‘How do you share what you already know (legally)?’

Could the new Google investigation be a way to share the information obtained through the Google operation, legally?




Gmail Drafts
On August 15, 2018, Q informed us that the Deep State used Gmail drafts to cover and communicate about their black ops and illegal hidden schemes.

A list of subjects and operations were given which we can see in the post below.

‘ES’ refers here to Edward Snowden, and Q asks why he made classified NSA tools public.

Will the Google investigation lead to a whole can of GOOG worms being opened?




The Bill That Opened The Door To Censorship
On August 7, 2017, Q posted a link to The ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act’ of 2016.

Q informed us that it is ‘The Bill that opened the door for Twitter, FB, GOOG etc. to CENSOR and CONTROL.’





Big Tech Bloodlines: Data, Genetics And Social Media (DARPA)
On Sept 2, 2018, Q showed us how #Google #Facebook and #Youtube are connected through Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki and Susan Wojcicki. 

Combined, their companies cover data, genetics and social media. Q also let us know that these Big Tech companies are all #DARPA projects.




Google To Be Regulated; Censorship Will Have Consequences
In August 2018, Q showed us the MSM defending Google at all costs, with links to the numerous articles published after President Trump accused Google’s search engine of being “rigged.”

Q stated that BigTech’s censorship would have consequences, and that Google would be regulated. A question mark is posted after Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Will they be next?



A Trap Set
In the same post, Q informed us that a trap had been set.

Was Big Tech left to censor more and more so that ‘reasonable cause’ could be obtained?

More and more people would also come to notice the undeniable bias.









DARPA/Google And The Spy Campaign Against POTUS
On September 2, 2018, Q linked again to the report that Google’s creation partly lay in C_A and NSA research grants for mass surveillance, and told us to ‘read between the lines’.

Q also asked how DARPA aka Google might have played a part in the spy campaign against President Trump, and to think ‘Gmail’, ‘Gmail drafts’ and the resignation of Google’s Eric Shmidt.

At the end of the post Q signs off telling us that it would all connect eventually.




Q Told Us Censorship Would Lead To Breakup Under Antitrust
Q informed us on Sept 2018 that BigTech censorship would lead to their break up under antitrust laws.

Q asks: How do you demonstrate ‘reasonable cause’ to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?

The Trap: Further Censorship > Reasonable Cause > Investigation > Regulation/Breakup ?

Let’s take a close look at the post –



How do you demonstrate ‘reasonable cause’ to regulate and/or break up Big Tech?
From what Q states above, is it…

By proving ‘Fascism’?
By proving ‘Censorship’?
By proving ‘Narrative’?
By proving ‘Projection’?
By proving ‘Psychological Projection’?

By proving ‘Narcissisism’?
By proving ‘Dogma’?
By proving ‘Aggression’?
By proving ‘Suppression’?
By proving ‘Unrealism’?





Massive Fake News Attention Over A Conspiracy Reddit Board?
Further into the same post, Q linked to numerous MSM articles covering the Reddit Q board ‘The Great Awakening’ and how it had been banned from the Reddit platform.

The common headline and angle they all shared was that Q was a ‘conspiracy theory’.






12 Moves Ahead – Anons Knew
Q finishes this lengthy and detailed post by informing us that his team are ‘Twelve moves ahead’. Was he letting us know here that we were watching part of the plan unfold and the media falling right into the trap?



On September 29, 2018, Q informed us that Twitter had been given the green light to blanket censor any content deemed to threaten their survival regarding the upcoming election.

Q also said that Google and Facebook would follow and that ‘THE TIME TO FIGHT!!!! IS NOW!’




A Recap
In this series of posts Q informed us of –

– The connections Big Tech has to the military compex through DARPA and research grants for mass surveillance
–  The consolidation of mass media which is the propoganda arm of the Democratic party
– The AntiTrust Laws
– The ‘reasonable cause’ required in order to breakup/regulate
– The trap that was set for Big Tech and the MSM
– Big Tech and the MSM falling straight into the trap to censor futher
– The areas which could be cited in proving ‘reasonable cause’

What Do You Think?
Is it now time for the consequences?

Let’s see.

Bombs away!


#Google #GoogleInvestigation #GoogleAntitrust

Q Posts
All Q Posts in this post link back to the entire library of Q Posts available at http://qmap.pub