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A Primer – Learn The Truth About QAnon And The Movement

New to QAnon?
Start with this list of links, and get involved with the very friendly Q Family.

The Truth about Q and what the movement stands for will not be listed on the first page of Google!!!

List by  Don Everson

What Is #QAnon : Knowing Is Half The Battle
#WeAreQ #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #WWG1WGA

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Q : Killing The Mockingbird

Q : We Are The Plan

Q : Dark To Light

Q : Drops

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OIG Report (Pg. 294 = Crime Against Children)…/2016_election_final_report_06-1…

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The Uranium One Scandal Explained…

FBI Vault : Uranium One Transaction…/uranium-oThe Truth about Q and what the movement stands for will not be listed on the first page of Google!!! Start with this list of links get involved in the very friendly Q Familyne-transaction-part-01-of-…

Spygate : True Collusion…

Q : What QAnon Actually Is. MSM Is Clueless. (Collective Evolution)

Q : Why It’s NOT A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ (Edge of Wonder)

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His Name Was SETH RICH Links

Who Killed Seth Rich? (OAN)

I offer my YouTube Channel and Alexa Skill Q Anon Q Research to this list –

Jim Watkins In Nevada Sparks Excerpts on 8kun / 8chan

The following update is taken from the text used by the Alexa Skill “QAnon Q Research”.

You can add it to your Alexa device by saying “Alexa, enable skill Q Anon Q Research” or follow this link for more information

Today is October 20th 20 19 and this is your Q anon update. Today the subject continues to surround the platform that Q posts on, 8 chan, now named 8 kun. 8 chan, (Japanese meaning child) is growing up into 8 kun, (Japanese meaning “young man”).

8 chan owner Jim Watkins continues his Youtube live updates and sprinkles them with updated information on the “go live” time of 8 kun.  Jim lets us know that 8 kun was up and the boards active for about 20 minutes on the 17th of October.  He said that it was brought down by a d dos attack.

In a video today, October 20 20 19, Jim informs us that the latest company to provide D D O S  protection has pulled there service.  Jim goes on to say that the team is looking into using a distributed set up with users running an instance of 8 kun on their computers.  This would be most difficult to bring down with d d o s as 10’s of thousands of nodes would be servicing the 8 kun network at any given moment.

What Jim is referring to is known as ‘Distributed decentralized Networking / database  configuration’ that was made famous by the music sharing application know as Napster. So Jim continues to be positive and determined to get one of the few, remaining truly, free speech platforms, 8 kun, online as soon as possible.

So there you have it, the battle for free speech and the return of Q goes on, stay the course, trust the plan, and remember to tell your more liberal friends about this Alexa Skill, so that when Q returns they can get the real story here!

Alexa says!!! look out Anons!!! of 8 kun formally known as 8 chan, the return of Q Anon will be soon!!!

A blog of this update can be found at Woot Va dot com that’s w,o,o,t,v,a,dot,c,o,m

New Update On 8kun Status by Jim Watkins – On The Simi Vally Ride

Today’s 8kun update coming from a live YouTube Jim did while traveling in Simi Vally on October 11, 2019.

Joe Smith​ asking, when  is 8kun role out?

Jim replies, Were going live guys, but , its going to take a little more time, because we have some network issues.

sunshineagain1​, asking, Can you explain KUN? Jim reply’s, Kun means mister

CFP  saying, Kun is a title like Chan on Japanese Jim’s reply, Yea Kun is sorta like mister, we got the domain so we thought we would use it.

Mrs. Robbie Adams,, ready to hear from Q…..when???? Jim says, Q Anon is coming back Im sure, and hopefully on our website, because….. hey, Im not a boomer but almost a boomer.

So to watch excerpts of all of Jim’s comments on the status of 8Kun watch this YouTube



Qanon 8chan/8kun updates on Alexa here

Alexa Skill QAnon


Some network status updates, ping-able proxy in place.