QAnon Exposed as a HOAX!!! Really? Part 1

This is the first part of my debunking the OAN story reported by JAck Posobiec. Watch the whole story is here I have pointed out the first fallacies, can you see others? Digital Soldiers will know! Comment below, Thanks for watching!!!

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#8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment #FirstAmendmentLawyers #FirstDayOfSchool

#Satire is the most powerful form of speech

#8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment


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Qanon Alexa skill updated with the latest on Jim Watkins 8chan, Jack Posobiec

A great way to introduce the truth about Q and the Q movement real Q post and QAnon updates no fake news.  Pass this link on to your more liberal friends!!!

#Alexa #Skill #Qanon #QResearch Listen to q post on your Alexa enabled device

#Alexa #Skill #Qanon #QResearch Listen to q post on your Alexa enabled device

Is Q coming back this week?

8 chan has been offline since, Aug. 5,  since the mass shootings two days earlier in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Cloudflare terminated 8chan as a client after they accused it of inspiring the shootings by allowing the posting of a manifesto by El Paso killer, Patrick Crusius.

Jim Watkins sits down with Jack Posobiec of O A N  on Friday September 6th 20  19 to discuss the closed door hearings he, had the day before with the congressional department of homeland security oversight committee.

Jim Watkins owner of 8 chan posting board where Q Anon post points out that El Paso shooter, Crusius had posted his creed on mainstream Instagram and that it was someone else who put it up on 8 chan as others did on other boards.

important fact here is that,  Facebook  allowed the live streaming of the New Zealand mosque massacre, YouTube  allowed threats by Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz, and Twitter  let their platform be used by the Saudis to stifle dissent.

So why is  8 chan  being singled out, and attacked by the establishment as a “hate site”? The reason is clear, Q, and what Q, represents.  A threat to this, same, “Establishment”.

Watkins testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, Sept. 5, in a closed-door session. Watkins told O A N reporter, Jack Posobiec that he described how the 8 chan site operates, and explained that it wasn’t funded by any foreign governments. He said he never worked with any “foreign” intelligence agency’s.  He also, noted that Russia has blocked access to 8chan.

The key takeaway of this interview?  Jack Posobiec is a Q Anon “skeptic” and “denier” and did a hit piece titled “Exposed,,  Creator of Q Anon Speaks for the First Time” aired on O A N September 4th 20 18. 

So here we have Jack Posobiec sitting in front of the 8 chan board owner doing a interview and not a breath, not a word, nothing mentioned about Q?? Why?

This is leading us to only a few conclusions. Either one, Jack is paid disinformation,,, or two Jack is under control of his company O A N, and not allowed to ask this question or three, this is part of the plan. To not reveal in this way, at this time, but only those who want to know,, will know,, and will see, that the hit piece is clearly invalided, by Jack’s omission of any Q related questions, and, thus leaving us with a GIANT PINK Q standing in the room.  Anyone would logically ask about  Q, after doing a “Q debunked ” story, which is the primary story on 8chan.

The Good news? Jim Watkins said in the interview to look for 8 chan to be back up within a week!!

Look on woot va dot com that’s,, w o o t v a dot c o m for a detailed, post exposing the O, A, N,  Posobiec, Q, debunk story is lacking, in validity.


Another Deep State Bolton!!! Another Neocon Gone Your Fired!!!

I see this story summed up like this, John Bolton was never on the #trump team for  @AmbJohnBolton to publicly announce a counter narrative as to how he was released. Normal to have respect for  @realDonaldTrump and the Presidency! Bye bye #Neocon 


QAnon Proof – Google Antitrust Investigation Announced

On Monday, 50 bi-partisan attorneys general from across the US, announced an antitrust investigation into Google for ‘potential monopolistic behavior‘.

Q informed us this would happen last year, so the news gives us a significant #QProof

So let’s kick off and take a look at the relevant Q posts…

First,  here’s the announcement –



Is Google Under C_A Control?
On March 7, 2019, Q told us that Google was a DARPA project, and that there were ‘Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.’

Q linked us to an article about the true origin of Google,  reporting that it partly lies in C_A and NSA research grants for mass surveillance.📁


“The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public.”

“They hoped to direct the supercomputing revolution from the start in order to make sense of what millions of human beings did inside this digital information network. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today.”

DARPA is The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

Q: Read between the lines…



Q: Big Tech & Intelligence Agencies WW Spying On Citizens
On March 28, 2018, Q revealed that Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter were actively tracking users worldwide and that the data was shared and being used.

Let’s take a close look at this post for even more revelations –




Q Links to Antitrust Laws
In August 2018, Q linked us to the Antitrust Laws and guides. In the same post (below) Q also mentions Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Q pointed out that the media has never been more consolidated, and that 6 media giants now control 90% of what we read, watch and listen to.

Q also stated that the consolidation of FAKE NEWS was the [propaganda arm of the D party].


Links from Q Post 1841 –

The Antitrust Laws

Guide To The Antitrust Laws




The Google Operation
On June 17, 2018, Q posted about the GOOG OP, and that it had ‘provided undeniable proof’. According to Q, the operation was a covert one carried out by white hat operators.

Q also asked, ‘How do you share what you already know (legally)?’

Could the new Google investigation be a way to share the information obtained through the Google operation, legally?




Gmail Drafts
On August 15, 2018, Q informed us that the Deep State used Gmail drafts to cover and communicate about their black ops and illegal hidden schemes.

A list of subjects and operations were given which we can see in the post below.

‘ES’ refers here to Edward Snowden, and Q asks why he made classified NSA tools public.

Will the Google investigation lead to a whole can of GOOG worms being opened?




The Bill That Opened The Door To Censorship
On August 7, 2017, Q posted a link to The ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act’ of 2016.

Q informed us that it is ‘The Bill that opened the door for Twitter, FB, GOOG etc. to CENSOR and CONTROL.’



Big Tech Bloodlines: Data, Genetics And Social Media (DARPA)
On Sept 2, 2018, Q showed us how #Google #Facebook and #Youtube are connected through Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki and Susan Wojcicki. 

Combined, their companies cover data, genetics and social media. Q also let us know that these Big Tech companies are all #DARPA projects.




Google To Be Regulated; Censorship Will Have Consequences
In August 2018, Q showed us the MSM defending Google at all costs, with links to the numerous articles published after President Trump accused Google’s search engine of being “rigged.”

Q stated that BigTech’s censorship would have consequences, and that Google would be regulated. A question mark is posted after Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Will they be next?



A Trap Set
In the same post, Q informed us that a trap had been set.

Was Big Tech left to censor more and more so that ‘reasonable cause’ could be obtained?

More and more people would also come to notice the undeniable bias.









DARPA/Google And The Spy Campaign Against POTUS
On September 2, 2018, Q linked again to the report that Google’s creation partly lay in C_A and NSA research grants for mass surveillance, and told us to ‘read between the lines’.

Q also asked how DARPA aka Google might have played a part in the spy campaign against President Trump, and to think ‘Gmail’, ‘Gmail drafts’ and the resignation of Google’s Eric Shmidt.

At the end of the post Q signs off telling us that it would all connect eventually.




Q Told Us Censorship Would Lead To Breakup Under Antitrust
Q informed us on Sept 2018 that BigTech censorship would lead to their break up under antitrust laws.

Q asks: How do you demonstrate ‘reasonable cause’ to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?

The Trap: Further Censorship > Reasonable Cause > Investigation > Regulation/Breakup ?

Let’s take a close look at the post –



How do you demonstrate ‘reasonable cause’ to regulate and/or break up Big Tech?
From what Q states above, is it…

By proving ‘Fascism’?
By proving ‘Censorship’?
By proving ‘Narrative’?
By proving ‘Projection’?
By proving ‘Psychological Projection’?

By proving ‘Narcissisism’?
By proving ‘Dogma’?
By proving ‘Aggression’?
By proving ‘Suppression’?
By proving ‘Unrealism’?





Massive Fake News Attention Over A Conspiracy Reddit Board?
Further into the same post, Q linked to numerous MSM articles covering the Reddit Q board ‘The Great Awakening’ and how it had been banned from the Reddit platform.

The common headline and angle they all shared was that Q was a ‘conspiracy theory’.






12 Moves Ahead – Anons Knew
Q finishes this lengthy and detailed post by informing us that his team are ‘Twelve moves ahead’. Was he letting us know here that we were watching part of the plan unfold and the media falling right into the trap?



On September 29, 2018, Q informed us that Twitter had been given the green light to blanket censor any content deemed to threaten their survival regarding the upcoming election.

Q also said that Google and Facebook would follow and that ‘THE TIME TO FIGHT!!!! IS NOW!’




A Recap
In this series of posts Q informed us of –

– The connections Big Tech has to the military compex through DARPA and research grants for mass surveillance
–  The consolidation of mass media which is the propoganda arm of the Democratic party
– The AntiTrust Laws
– The ‘reasonable cause’ required in order to breakup/regulate
– The trap that was set for Big Tech and the MSM
– Big Tech and the MSM falling straight into the trap to censor futher
– The areas which could be cited in proving ‘reasonable cause’

What Do You Think?
Is it now time for the consequences?

Let’s see.

Bombs away!


#Google #GoogleInvestigation #GoogleAntitrust

Q Posts
All Q Posts in this post link back to the entire library of Q Posts available at

Dorian: All the Way Up and the Alabama Mystery Solved.

To answer the many questions I am receiving about Dorian, I decided to take a short break from finishing the very exciting Part 3 article on the G7 victories and go through the hurricane updates provided by the Maestro.

What if I told you that solving a riddle made of 5 tweets posted on September 4 2019 would give you everything you need to know about Hurricane Dorian?

Would you believe me if I told you that these 5 tweets can provide enough material to write an entire book about geoengineering and the current war opposing Trump to the Satanic Cabal? Here is the riddle.PNG

In this article, I told you the meaning of Dorian and its relation to Q ANON and to the multidimensional war we are engaged in. In these images link1PNGlink2PNG taken from this article, I told you that the geoengineering war had begun. Based on this information, many of you have certainly read between the lines and identified Dorian’s real purpose. The fact that DORIAN is sharing the value of 61 with Q ANON is an indication that it is a weapon in the hands of the White Hats.

Let’s solve the riddle and we will clearly see what Dorian was designed for and what it has accomplished. As usual, we’ll go through the pieces of the puzzle first and will assemble them at the end.


We start by pulling tweet 2 and watch the Maestro’s update on Dorian: tweet. We put tweet 1 and 2 side by side, pull their Q drops and this operation provides the first clue: Img1PNG

Knowing we are in autist zone, to start solving, we need to go back in time. Watch: video.YouTube What do we do next? Yes, we calculate the time difference between the day the Maestro talked about the storm and the day he updated us about it: Img2PNG

Then, we notice Ivanka tweeted from Colombia at 1:27 PM. We analyze the delta with her father’s retweet timestamp, find confirmations and the puzzle starts to come together: Img3PNG

Next, we should identify the logical link between the NHC retweet and the Oval Office update: Img4PNG

Peruvian Coffee for those with visual skills and who saw the NHC image looked like a golf club hitting a ball or a turntable cartridge on a vinyl record! These visuals are confirmed by the Maestro’s speech! He warned you: “where are the autists?” Here is the solution: Img5PNG

We now have the sub puzzle: music-charts-grazed. Can you solve? The key was to know some Hip Hop and remember the word “grazed” was used by the media to describe how Suge Knight survived Tupac’s murder: Img6PNG

As you can see, with multiple confirmations, the Maestro is clearly pointing at Rap Music and Hip Hop.

In case you have doubts, let’s read the drop pulled by the original WH tweet timestamp 12:26 PM. Look at these spectacular confirmations: Img7PNG

Are you enjoying the beauty of this? From the Maestro’s tweet, we went from FLOOD to HURRICANES through the Q board staying in the context of Hip Hop!

Now that we are certain of the relevance of Hip Hop in the riddle, we go through our music collection and try to find matches with the 5 tweets of the riddle. Here is the first confirmed match and it connects Arrested Development to Ivanka’s tweet 4: Img8PNG

Next? We happily follow the Maestro advising us not to stop the music and we play the hit song of the album: video.YouTube

Did you catch the message? They wanted to go the “nigga route disrespecting my Black Queen”. Does this ring a bell? Did you notice PEOPLE EVERYDAY=174=EYE OF THE STORM? Here is the solution: Img9PNG

Now why did the Maestro pull a group called “Arrested Development”? To solve this, you needed to take a closer look at Ivanka’s picture in tweet 5 and notice the symbolism connected to the Q board. Then, you needed to identify the message hidden behind the WGDP acronym and see how the song title and artist name confirmed the acronym. Read very carefully: Img10PNG

Now you understand why the Maestro said at the end of his update: “Mostly WIND. And we’re going to have a REPORT on that.” WIND=50=DPGW and REPORT connects to PORT.

If you also notice that WGDP=50=EVER and look around, you’ll access the Clinton Foundation variation of the Dubai Port model through the Witch’s Secret Service code name EVERGREEN. Read very carefully: Img11PNG

Now that you know about the Witch, her love for green, Evergreen, what it’s all about and its connection to the Clinton Foundation, you are equipped to discover the Satanic Blood Road along our East Coast that they’ll never tell you about in geography class: Img12PNG

Let’s stay in the gulf area and solve the golf component of the riddle and why the Maestro said after mentioning Florida: “it was going toward the Gulf”: Img13PNG

As you can see, we have another strong confirmation on RAP music but there’s a new item coming from golf and it’s PAR. Can you solve this? Take a minute and try to find how PAR relates to the Maestro’s war against the Cabal and where it gets you to.

Peruvian Coffee for those who remembered how Skull and Bones had a Greenpeace paraglider fly over Trump’s property in Turnberry, Scotland to deliver the WELL BELOW PAR message accompanied with the death of Secret Service Agent Remagen! videoYouTube. I decoded this tragic event in detail in this article. If we notice the Skull and Bones message was sent 419 days before the Maestro’s update on Dorian, we access amazing information. Read very carefully: Img14PNG

Did you solve the name of the strawberry farm Ivanka visited being El Salero? I told you in this article that the day the Antichrist sees Christ, he will melt like salt in water…

I pray I am allowed to meet very soon my Brothers and Sisters who understand these things…

For now let’s continue gathering the pieces of the puzzle.

We have Illuminati, PAR=35=RAP and the Blood Road. If you notice 35 is also the value for CHINA and that it’s the current location of the Cabal’s tent, Tweets 3 and 4 pull an unexpected guest from Puerto Rico: Img15PNG

Now you know why Fat Joe and other similar operators have been so vocal about hurricane relief efforts: it’s the Clinton foundation Haiti play. They want to be part of the controlled chaos to make their money and move ALL THE WAY UP the food chain. Watch, he told you right here: videoYouTube

You thought I pulled this Fat Joe video randomly? No no no. Frames 2:41 and 3:20 are connected to the riddle’s tweets in a strong and spectacular way: Img16PNG

Next? We analyze the video further and discover it’s a crash course on the history of the Blood and Drug Road, how it operates, who provides, who distributes, how Flynn was targeted very early on for knowing and how operators aspire to climb the ladders of this bloody, invisible and parallel society: Img17PNG

Let’s end where we’ve started. The Maestro begun by saying this: “We thought we’d give you an update on the hurricane. We got lucky in Florida -very, very lucky indeed”. Can you solve?

Do you like Daft Punk? Here is their biggest hit, it’s called Get Lucky: video.YouTube

Do you like Tupac? Let’s listen to his song entitled Pain: video.YouTube

You thought I pulled these 2 songs randomly? No no no. Add the value of the 2 titles, what do you get? Yes: PAIN, GET LUCKY = 144 = WELL BELOW PAR and here is the decode with the successful test on my Daft Punk jukebox pick: Img18PNG

Before the riddle closed with tweet 5 at 2:47 PM, the Maestro provided an update at 2:17 PM. We know it’s a real time update because it’s connected to Q1417 where we read ‘Updated’. We add this video to the ones released within the riddle time frame, add up their respective lengths and Bingo! Barry Soetero comes out of his hiding place: Img19PNG

With HUSSEIN joining the riddle through this update, we are equipped to solve the current feud about Alabama. Let’s first enjoy it: video.YouTube

As a response, the Maestro pinned a video vindicating him and showing CNN repeating ALABAMA 9 times: tweet

Did you solve the link between Obama and Alabama? Since OBAMA=32 and ALABAMA=31, Dorian hitting Alabama symbolizes the diminution or progressive destruction of Obama, the Satanic Cabal’s most valuable pawn on the chessboard.

Why 9? Are you familiar with the flood of the river Lo in Ancient China, magic squares and the Lo Shu grid? Here is a summary: Img20PNG

We can now use the Lo Shu grid with its geomancy feature and decode the Maestro’s tweet about Alabama, the Fake News lying about it and why he responded: “I don’t know” to the Fake News: Img21PNG

We have gathered all the pieces of this amazing puzzle. We can now assemble them. Here is the final decoded message: Img22PNGImg23PNG



Owner 8chan Jim Watkins Full OAN interview Jack Posobiec

Owner 8chan Jim Watkins Full OAN interview Jack Posobiec Owner, 8chan, Jim, Watkins, Full, OAN, interview, Jack, Posobiec, freedom,of,speach,speech

This is the OAN interview by Jack Posobiec of Jim Watkins owner of 8chan where Qanon or Q has been posting. The interesting point that I see here for any of the anons that have been following the Q story since the inception as I have is the lack of the Q.

Subscribe to my channel below, I will be doing a video showing the lacking of validity to the Prosobiec Qanon hit piece

Yes you can say the Lack of the question or the lack of Q as a subject in this interview. Since Jack just did a hit piece on the Q story it makes since that he would ask this question. This is leading us to only a few conclusions. Either one Jack is paid disinformation, or two Jack is under control of his company OAN and not allowed to ask this question or three, this is part of the plan. To not reveal openly but only to those who want to know that the hit piece is not valid, as anyone would logically ask this question after doing a hit piece invalidating the q story, which is the primary story on 8chan at the moment. Remember there is 4 chan, facebook Instagram, twitter, all at one time or another had “shooter” information uploaded or even streamed live. Q is the story, Jack you missed it?

Owner 8chan Jim Watkins Full OAN interview Jack Posobiec
Owner, 8chan, Jim, Watkins, Full, OAN, interview, Jack, Posobiec, freedom,of,speach,speech


#AHiJackedLife my Blog!!!

My Minds timeline
#Minds Registration page


Barr Defends 8chan before Congress

*** UPDATE***

Today Barr will be defending freedom of speech of the text and picture board 8chan!!! Stay tuned for more information.  If you support 8chan take a look at this link and help raise awareness about the state of censorship at the tip of the spear of FREE SPEECH.

Press release by:

Opening statement by Jim Watkins pdf here


#8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment

Congress members to contact on this subject on Twitter



#8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment


8Chan is where Q post it has been taken down and the owner is scheduled to speak in congressional hearings on Thursday. If you are an Anon of QAnon serving at the pleasure of the POTUS please support this effort!!! Digital soldiers and Freedom lovers alike do what you can, speak write post and take a stand for humanity!!!

Hear it from the 8chan board owner yourself here


“we will need you all to be respectfully vocal in the days before the hearing.”

Ron (Codemonkey), 8chan Admin and owner Jim Watkins’ son


Posting here some ideas and counter points to get the hive mind flowing on how we can be vocal.

Share your ideas of better angles and more counter points, or you can use these which are ready to go.

Lets DOIT!




– 8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan

– #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment


TWEET / POST IDEAS (samples from twitter)


– Best wishes to @infinitechan for the hearing. Why is the HSC not questioning Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about the shootings and violence spread on their platforms?



– 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “The President has asked SM companies to work with law enforcement to help solve these problems. My company takes a firm stand in helping law enforcement and within minutes of these 2 tragedies we were working with FBI agents to find out what information we could to help in their investigations.”

  • 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “We have responded with both vigor and integrity every single time that a threat of violence has been posted and information requested on it by law enforcement. I am aware that this is not protected speech and employ full time staff who have a sole responsibility to service these requests made by law enforcement.”
  • 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “Our company has always worked with law enforcement to help them with their investigations. We have never protected illegal speech, as it seems we have been accused of by some less than credible journalists.”
  • 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “Contrary to the unfounded claim by Mr Prince of Cloudflare, 8chan is a lawful community, abiding by the laws of the United States and enforced in the 9th Circuit Court.”
  • 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “We are in compliance with the law. We have always been aggressively forthcoming to help law enforcement with it.”
  • 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “My thoughts and prayers are for the victims of violence everywhere.”

All from



– No, shooters are not “linked” to #8chan. 8chan has no foreknowledge of what will be posted. Under HS’s conditions, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should also be “linked” and subpoenaed. Besides, Watkins volunteered, so there was no need to subpoena

  • If 8chan has been subpoenaed, I want to see subpoenas for all social media platforms that were also “involved” in these extremist attacks. They’re all guilty, or non are. Stop cherry picking to fit an agenda
  • 8chan is just a blank posting board. How did they have anything to do with it? Shooters also posted on Facebook and Instagram, they must be to blame also. Better shut them all down! This is bias censorship at its finest
  • @Twitter is full of hate towards our President, his administration and his supporters but no one seems to care about those issues including twitter. I have reported many violence-inciting posts and they refuse to act on them
  • They sure know how to waste time and taxpayers money. When will they start breaking up Facebook, Google, Twitter etc?
  • There are a lot of shootings. You’re only going to focus on 3?
  • These blog posts by Gab give numerous examples showing the big tech double-standard



– 11 times violent crime was live streamed on Facebook

  • The Christchurch shooter streamed live on Facebook. 8chan removed the manifesto before fb removed the livestream. I demand an investigation into Facebook’s ‘links’ to extremists
  • But Facebook is ok after the Christchurch shooter used Facebook live, gunning down 50 people?
  • 8chan: 3 mass murders. Facebook: 9 murders, 2 Gang Rapes & 1 Torture live streamed. Media, Congress and Cloudflare: “Take down 8chan”
  • Someone should have told 8chan owner Jim Watkins that if you are linked with over a dozen acts that you get a free pass like Facebook and Twitter
  • What about Facebook live, showing violence against Philadelphia’s police? How about going after Zuckerberg next?



  • The Norway mosque shooter shot his sister. The Dayton shooter also shot his sister. This was not ‘white supremacy’ or ‘online radicalism’, this was mental illness
  • The Dayton shooter was was a Leftist and Antifa supporter who despised nazis and white supremacy. This is ignored of course by the MSM as it doesn’t fit with their ‘white supremacists’ narrative
  • Why is 8chan being singled out when Connor Betts the Dayton shooter was posting violent Antifa rhetoric on twitter? Twitter suspended his account after the shooting, not before
  • While mainstream media outlets such as the Daily Beast have falsely reported that Betts had no links to extremist ideology, his twitter account contains tweets that profess the gunman’s support of socialism, Satanism, and “Antifascism.”



– Don’t mess with free speech platforms. It is bad enough the main stream public square forums are allowed to censor with no controls, but if the government takes away a free speech platform because of some unprotected speech spread out of it, our republic is doomed

  • Why do the powers that be fear freedom of speech, freedom of thought & the truth being shared for all, transparent from top to bottom? These are fundamental human rights, period
  • This proves unfair bias against 8chan which is simply another social media site being targeted because of its stance on upholding freedom of speech, a constitutional and human right
  • 8chan is being targeted because it is not part of ‘big tech’ and not part of their mass censorship agenda



– It’s amusing that Cloudflare de-platformed #8chan but still hosts #PirateBay. So they’re anti-free speech yet pro free downloading of copyrighted materials?



– 8chan creator Fredrick Brennan has wanted Jim Watkins to give up 8chan because they have personal problems with each other. He has been attempting to become relevant himself and is using the media’s sudden interest in 8chan to further those ambitions

  • Brennan is really butthurt because he’s no longer involved with 8chan and does anything he can to damage the reputation of Jim Watkins, Ron/Codemonkey and the 8chan social media platform



– 8chan owner Jim Watkins: “We are over 20 years old now in the internet business. I watch compamies come and go, even soar to high heights. However, no companies remain online with pro child pornography policies. My company is the same. We vigorously delete and keep our websites cleaner, than most media outlets that allow users to post content on.



Free Speech / Propaganda / Fake News meme folder:!YXo2iCDR!mx27YF53sMxiKZzPVs9kvQ

(we still need danker memes for this op, alchemists)




The Norway mosque shooter attempted to live-stream the attack on Facebook


OP 8chan Hearing v5: — Save and share on the quiet