Q Proofs

QProof By Trump – “Returning Power To YOU, The AMERICAN PEOPLE”

Easy Q Proof to see yes? Original Q Post Nov 1 2017 at 10 pm Trump tweets 1 year later ...
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Q Proof – Post From Aug Proves In Dec 1-6

Check out the following QAnon post: #3652 12/06/19 05:12:14 PM EST Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 Images: EJ2Oco4W4AEevKu.png: https://qalerts.app/media/d6b20beda2a42d77f5323eb19d8da08da4b8fb015ac2b69d4c5646c20ef3c979.png How many shootings [D][1-6]? ...
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POTUS In Code At Kentucky Rally: “I’m Q”

As Epstein was thrust back into the news this week, it also appears that POTUS revealed through code, that he ...
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Rigged For Red – Q Is Back On 8kun Starting With A QProof!!!

Q has come back to the QResearch Board on 8Kun to let us know that he can access the board ...
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8Chan Growing Up As 8KUN Qanon Return Is Imminent

A couple new pieces of information, regarding the return of 8 chan, first from @Codemonleyz on  October 6 2019 tweets  ...
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Who Is Q? Does Jack Posobiec Know??? Disinformation Is Necessary

#Hillary #Qanon #8chan Q has said disinformation is necessary, this video goes over the story of the first Q post ...
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