Q Post 1005 – All Pics and Videos Linked Here Are Gone???

This Q Post has an interesting response from an anon, 20 minutes after Q. It’s a Q Post used in a SB2 decode over a year later, with a similar story being told, however pictures and video are now redacted???

Here is the post:


Here is the anon’s response 20 minutes after Q posted. Notice that the image is not available.


This anon responds, “Their need for symbols will be their downfall”.

The Pharaoh bloodline flows through the Caesars, and then to the European nobility including the aristocracy, the nobles, the kings and queens, and even the Pope.

The Rothschild’s were P.

The Nazis were P.

Typically the Pharaohs hide in the shadows, they prefer to rule in relative secrecy, pulling the strings behind the curtain. They influence society directly through their cults such as Free Masonry (which they claim traces back to Egypt) and they were also largely the principle Knights Templar. When the Knights were ‘eliminated’ (yeah right), Switzerland was founded. With Red Cross symbols everywhere.

Centuries later, the Red Cross organization was founded and was given exclusive access to the most war torn disaster areas ever. This allows them to plunder and strategically infect and control.

Politicians that are outside the bloodline are allowed in, but only if they are initiated with blackmail.

Hitler was P, and the symbology of the Nazi regime bleeds Templar and Egyptian influence. Indeed, many symbols enjoyed by the current day Pope (such as the black iron cross) are worn on his gowns.

Their need for symbols will be their downfall.

Here is this Q post referenced in the Serial Brain2 Decode over a year ago.

Kentucky Derby: The Magic Spell Went All The Way To Russia. (GreatAwakening)


Image of the SB2 decode of post referenced here: