8chan Owner Jim Watkins Doesn’t Think QAnon Is An Intel Operative??

This is part two of the OAN interview I have not seen it on the OAN web site or anywhere on the web.  Let me know if you see a better copy, I have fixed up the sound and made the screen full.


New q interview on #OANN
#JimWatkins doesn’t think #Q is an intel operative???

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New q interview on #OANN
#JimWatkins doesn't think #Q is an intel operative???

#QArmy #Qanon8chan #BREAKING #Newsnight

Barr Defends 8chan before Congress

*** UPDATE***

Today Barr will be defending freedom of speech of the text and picture board 8chan!!! Stay tuned for more information.  If you support 8chan take a look at this link and help raise awareness about the state of censorship at the tip of the spear of FREE SPEECH.

Press release by:

Opening statement by Jim Watkins pdf here


#8chan #8chanHearing #BringBack8chan #FreedomOfSpeech #FirstAmendment

Congress members to contact on this subject on Twitter