Q post 743 Investigate those in front of the camera who scream the loudest.

Those with the most to loose screaming on twitter?…



QMAP: [#743] Mika Brzezinski Born In the Circle

The Inner Circle.Mika Brzezinski.Background.Family/careers.McLean, Virginia.The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.Majority today were ‘born in’ to the circle.Investigate those in front of the camera who scream the loudest.These people are really stupid.End is near.The media cleanse/ JFK.Q


Is this what Bette Midler is screaming of on twitter? No? she does this in front of the camera? Oh OK so what do you think when the camera is not present. 2+2=


Who sold soul to  the Devil???


Love this reply by a Digital Solder



Can you see the fingerprints of the deep-state on the “goal post moving” by allowing hearsay???

It’s clear to see  in the timeline of events of the Whistle blower complaint about “Deeply concerning phone call between POTUS and President of the Ukraine” shining a bright light on a weakened disconnected  Deep State Swamp that is running low on ammunition.

The timeline:


July 25 2019

Trump’s July 25 phone call, who knew this phone call was  scheduled???

August 2019

The markings on the document state that it was revised in August 2019, but no specific date of revision is disclosed.

August 12, 2019,

The complaint alleges that President Donald Trump broke the law during a phone call with the Ukrainian president. In his complaint, which was dated August 12, 2019, the complainant acknowledged he was “not a direct witness” to the wrongdoing he claims Trump committed.

September 24, 2019

Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), show that the document was uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m.

Whistle blower complaint regulations changed only weeks before the Whistle blower complaint against President Trump, allowing for hearsay to be used to disparage the POTUS presidency.  Then we watch Adam Schifftt takes this heresy complaint and “Acting” as if he is reading from the “deeply concerning” phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President begins adding blatant misleading lies (CNN  perfect link to report the LIES!!!) about the conversation basically making up a whole new conversation, while in congressional hearings about the whistle blower complaint?

More details of the obviously connected maneuverings of the deep state swamp can be found in the article linked here

Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers prheresyovide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings.


Well as we can see here in the image taken from the Whistle blower regulations, its really cheap ammunition only 10,000.00 fine and up to 5 years in jail. Why are these fines so lenient? I wonder if its connected to a larger conspiracy to remove a President in a “Hard Coup” will the fines be greater? Was this crime left here with weak punishment for the deep-state to use???


Another Deep State Bolton!!! Another Neocon Gone Your Fired!!!

I see this story summed up like this, John Bolton was never on the #trump team for  @AmbJohnBolton to publicly announce a counter narrative as to how he was released. Normal to have respect for  @realDonaldTrump and the Presidency! Bye bye #Neocon 


The reason Trump said: “I’m the Chosen One”. #SerialBrain2 decode #QAnon

Are you enjoying the show?

As we progress, are you learning the comms?

Are you walking with me and trying to solve the Maestro’s riddles to access the hidden intel?

Once you read the solutions, do you see the doors I intentionally leave open for you to research further and assess your knowledge of the comms?

For example, when solving the soybean lover Bill Maher riddle in my last article, did you solve the highlighted parts of the tweets, why the Maestro mentioned 95% taxes, why I mentioned Hot Potatoes as a clue for Idaho and why Bill specifically said Greenland would be renamed NEW IVANKA?

Those were the doors I left open for your training.

Peruvian Coffee for those who saw that the initials HP for Hot Potatoes led to PH, which leads to chemistry, which leads to drugs and drug money that solved the highlighted parts! Also you had to notice NEW IVANKA=100, which is also the value for AFGHANISTAN and 95 was the mirror for 59 which is the value for Hussein’s code name RENEGADE! Here is the solution image: Img1PNG

As you can see, the Maherus Panicus is well trained and knows exactly what all this conversation is about. He understood very well that the Maestro has it all about the production and distribution network and has taken the necessary measures to put an end to the C_A destruction of America through human and drug trafficking. Bill said it himself on Aug 16th: “Trump has been tweeting about me and talking about me in his rallies so my anxiety level is very high”. You thought he was joking? No. He knows the writing is on the wall and he’s sending messages to the Network to ask for protection.

The Maherus Panicus is a reactive species. Did you know that a few hours after his riddle was served in this article, it tried to erase the remaining traces of his many undisclosed activities? It’s coded in the Maestro’s tweets where he took us from Pakistan to the UK, passing through India. Read very carefully: Img2PNG

It appears that when the Maherus Panicus enters its panic mode, it does not think straight. It loses its reptile brain clarity and overlooks the following fundamentals of The Game:

Q1279 We have it all. The right people have the information. GOOD people are acting on the information. Think GOOG. Think ES departure. Think NK. Many drafts. Many shared users [foreign & domestic]. Variable access. Codes. Fake emails. Game forum comms. New intel revealed today. Gmail comms.

So Bill, if Eric Schmidt himself could not erase his traces, do you think you can?

How about this:

Q1891 Texts, emails (gmail), drafts (gmail), HAM comms, PS/Xbox chat logs.. JC-BO-CS-LL-#2-NO-SY Bonus round. Q

Q is telling right there that in addition to the bad actors in the private sector, he has it all for the whole Deep State. Do you still think you can erase anything?

For the sake of argument, let’s suppose you are smarter than all these people (which is actually a possibility) and managed to “erase” all traces. Did you forget that the very incriminating deleted texts that DOJ Deep State operators claimed to have lost due to a glitch were recovered? It’s right here:

Q1563 How can you obtain Text A & C but somehow the most incriminating (Text B) is lost due to a glitch (recovered later only after classified intel methods applied).

Despite all these unavoidable realities, the Maestro informed us on Aug 20 2019 that our Maherus Panicus of the day was still trying to get rid of his very dark shadow and was struggling with garbage files: Img3PNG

You saw that stick and the golden chain? That’s the bling needed to show the “subject matter”. It’s the uniform you have to wear to show potential clients what you are all about. It’s done in plain sight, under the disguise of art or comedy and you may have seen it displayed in many Rap or Hip Hop music videos. The Maestro educated us on this reality and the actors running it with 3 consecutive tweets dropped on Aug 19 2019, one of them being the now famous trolling tweet with a photoshopped Trump Tower in Greenland and the other 2 masterfully illustrated to ease the mental connection from ROPE to DOPE. Read very carefully: Img4PNG

As you can see, the IG report contains all the elements allowing the deconstruction from the very top of all the networks running trafficking activities, laundering the related proceeds and artificially creating wealth as symbolized by the massive golden Trump Tower in the middle of a few huts in Greenland.

All their side communications they were using to run these networks have been scrutinized and the Maestro has it all:

Q1504 What came out in IG report? JC gmail. They all had them. Re_read drops re: private emails re: convicting HRC = convicting themselves. Why did the entire Hussein admin use private emails? ES is KEY. What a wonderful day. Q

Do you see that NH=22 in the tweet with the 56 second Scaramucci video? This is related to this drop:

Q1708 Creation of fake intel dossier using ex spy… +22

and confirms what I told you earlier about Scaramucci being a HUSSEIN plant sent into the Trump’s campaign to play his part of the FISAGATE.

But this Scaramucci video has more secrets. Did you catch them? Let’s watch it: video.

Did you notice the background music started at the 42 second mark, immediately after he said “wages are up”? Peruvian Coffee for those who paid attention and remembered the decode in this article establishing that for the comms, wages going up was code for: it’s time for accountability! You heard that Mooch? You said what was going to happen to you yourself!

Why did the background music start at 42? Answer: because the video is 56 second long and 42 is exactly the corresponding ¾ ratio. This ¾ can be written 3/(2+2) which is code for 322 and confirms the Scaramucus 666 is a Satan worshipper and a secret society asset.

What do we do with this information? Do you see it? Gold chain, Greenland, Trump Tower, gold and exact ratio? Can you solve? Yes: the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio! This leads to a spectacular confirmation of my previous article describing how the Deep State Museum was created with Requiem in D Minor playing in the background. Take a few minutes and try to find the path yourself. Here is the solution: Img5PNG

As mentioned earlier, the Scaramucus 666 is a species that does not learn from third party experiences. He’s currently invited to all Fake News shows to distribute hosts and viewers free tablets against cerebral and cardiac pain resulting from severe TDS. They obviously did not learn from the Avenatti circus. Here is how it started: video.YouTube And here is how it ended: video. In case you think this video was doctored, here’s the Fox versionYouTube. And if you have a 5 year old kid prepping for Yale or Princeton, here is the version he should analyze: videoYouTube.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

We deduce that TDS being a particular case of Insanity is a hypothesis that deserves to be scientifically explored…

At this point, I’m sure many of you are thinking: “is SB2 OK? We thought this post was about Trump saying he’s the Chosen One.”

Well, I had to first remind you in which context he said it. We are in the middle of a conversation with the Cabal reptiles like the Maherus Panicus or the Scaramucus 666 and how Trump is shutting down their rat lines. As mentioned by Bill, the “anxiety level is very high” because despite the Fake News, they are very well aware that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and is happily singing from a secure location.

Now that the table is fully set, let’s bring the main course. Ready? Do you like Hip Hop? Watch until 2:11YouTube

Did you catch it? At 1:37, he said: “I bring you the Chosen One, big Jeffrey”. You know who Jeffrey is right? And you know what that P.I.M.P meeting is all about right? Coincidence? You think pulling this video is a stretch? Here are the multiple confirmations from the tweet and the subsequent decode: Img6PNG

Now you understand that China is just a front. With their controlled financial operators, the Fake News, the Dems and the C_A Squad, China is one of the many tools activated by the Cabal to stop us from resurrecting America under Trump’s leadership. The America they want is a sick, spied on and government assisted America, decimated by drugs and begging for food stamps. This is why they are hoping for a recession, are praying for it and are desperately plotting for it. Yes they hate Trump but the reason they hate him is because they hate us and cannot stand that he’s working for us instead of working for them.

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q

There’s more.

The Maestro wanted to give us yet another confirmation that he was closely following our conversation with the Maherus Panicus.

He coded it in the 2 tweets dropped on Aug 24th 2019 where he explained his “joke” about being the Chosen One. Read very carefully: Img7PNG

For those who still doubt that this reference to the Chosen One was the Maestro confirming my conversation with Maher and everything I revealed through it thanks to the comms, I’ll ask them a simple question: how would you explain that I’M THE CHOSEN ONE=153 and SERIALBRAIN/MAHER=153!

Q1225 Confirmation? Coincidence? Learn our comms. Q

The Secret Reason Trump Said He Wanted To Buy Greenland.

The Secret Reason Trump Said He Wanted To Buy Greenland.

Video YouTube The Secret Reason Trump Said He Wanted To Buy Greenland.

Did you enjoy our day at the zoo watching the $nakes?

Despite the Fake News helping the Scaramucus 666 spread his lies, are you following how this species is miserably failing at trying to divide the Maestro’s base? Instead, his recent statements against Trump made everybody rally around the fact proven earlier that he’s a bitter and broke Satanist who lost his hedge fund and who hopes to be bailed out by China. Once again Mooch, you are proving you are not very good at numbers. Don’t you realize China is currently more concerned about how to pay their next multibillion dollar tariff bill and find a way to sit down with the Maestro? Based on the past failures of Alex Jones with his Syria meltdown, Omarosa with her White House recordings and Ann Coulter with her rotted M&Ms, it seems the Scaramucus 666 lacks the ability to learn from third party experiences. That’s fine Fredo, have fun going from one TV show to the next to spit your venom. Our screens are Maxine Waterproof and we actually enjoy watching you self-terminate in real time.

Q941 These people are stupid. Maxine stupid. Q

Now let’s talk about the Maherus Panicus. Did you solve the Bill Maher riddle? Img1

Were you able to use the hint I gave you about Idaho being the “potato place”? Did you notice the Maestro tweeted about Idaho 3 days after my article? Coincidence? Here is the tweet. Did you solve why Bill Maher attacked the QAnon and the Q Movement 2 days after my article with the riddle about him and why he mentioned Instagram? This is good Bill, it seems the riddle caught your attention and you successfully solved it… Let’s watch: video

As you can see, Bill is desperately trying to link the 3 shooters to Q. Hahaha! They are terrified by Q.

Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage.

Q2859 Our reach is a direct threat to their control. Would the largest news co’s in the world attack us (daily) if we weren’t a threat to their narrative/control? You attack those who threaten you the most. Q

They have tried and are still trying everything they can to prevent Q from posting in a failed attempt to demobilize us.

Well, once again Bill, we are a peaceful movement. We don’t advocate violence and the reason is simple: we don’t believe in it and don’t need it until its use becomes unavoidable. We believe in the power of the Love of God, Love of Country and the might of the Intellect. We will take down all Satanists and criminals against mankind and its children in a beautiful and elegant way. It’s right here:

Q22 No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.

If you doubt it, pay a visit to the Deep State Museum in Q2381 and Q2714. All this was done with Requiem in D minor playing in the background… Peacefully… Beautifully… Lethally… Inexorably…

You got that?

Let’s now solve the Bill Maher riddle.

Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the Maestro’s Idaho tweet confirmed my article in a spectacular way! Yet another confirmation from POTUS! Thank you POTUS!

The trick was to analyze the timestamps. Img2

My article with the Bill Maher Idaho riddle was posted on Aug 13 2019 at 16:58:08 GMT and the Idaho tweet was posted on Aug 16 2019 at 17:23:59 GMT. The tweet therefore pulls Q1723 where we read HUSSEIN and the time difference between the article and the tweet is 4345 minutes and 51 seconds. Do you see it? The number 4345 elliptically pulls 44 which represents HUSSEIN as confirmed in Q1223. Then, the Maestro added 51 seconds so that the additional information 59 appears in the second count of the tweet timestamp 17:23:59, giving us RENEGADE=59, which is HUSSEIN’s secret service code name!

This gives us a triple confirmation on HUSSEIN and the important information that private email addresses and twitter accounts, which are code for online comms, are relevant to the Bill Maher riddle.

Let’s now analyze the tweets in depth and extract the Maestro’s hidden message using our regular Cap/Timestamp/Q-Board method. Read very carefully: Img3

Perfect. We now have 3 important pieces of the Bill Maher puzzle: HUSSEIN, online comms and rigged system correction. What do we do next? Yes: we pursue the IDAHO clue. We look around for Bill Maher+IDAHO and BINGO! We find this April 2014 article on the snake’s blog and guess what? The article is about the rigged system in America. He’s not even hiding. He called it “Two Americas, literally”. With the training you now have received, you will easily decode the general meaning and purpose of his article and detect that instead of being morally worried there are two Americas, he’s actually advocating for the exact opposite: there SHOULD BE two Americas. One for his Club who are above the law and us, the Deplorables.

To illustrate his point, he reports about a 70 year old Colorado resident who is suing the Idaho police, after he was pulled over and arrested because his license plates were from a state where marijuana is legal. As a good big government socialist, our Maherus Panicus of the day writes this: Img4

As you can see, he’s betraying himself. Since he mentioned laws and talked about how they were geographically disparate, the healthy hypothesis for a logical and honest analysis would have been to axiomatically say there are as many Americas as States and see where he gets. But no. He says there are 2 Americas. Why? Because there is the America he wants and there’s the rest. For him that’s 2. He has no clue what America is about, what a federal union of States is and what the Founding Fathers were trying to accomplish and that we have the responsibility to continue. Do you now see why they want to abolish the Electoral College?

This Manichean way of seeing the world, US vs THEM is the common denominator for all satanists and sociopaths. Why? Because it’s rooted in Satan’s original belief that Mankind should not have been granted Divine Election over other species and should be socially eradicated, enslaved and used for food… This was explained in the Q Occult Series in this episode.

After reading Bill Maher’s article, I found in this Fox article that the “70 year Colorado driver” he does not mention by name was David Roseen. This incident made all the March/April 2014 headlines: Img5

The Fox article mentions a similar incident involving another Colorado driver named David Adkins who was also pulled over under the same circumstances in Nevada and who also filed a law suit against local police. The article provides a link to a KRDO interview of Adkins and his girlfriend. Let’s watch: video

Did you spot the phoniness? Every time the Fake News serves you a ‘happy’ couple smiling for no reason and gives you details like “this white Chevy Avalanche” or “20 mn outside Las Vegas”, you should know you are in Cabal coded area and should decipher. The interview was scripted, the article coded and the couple was a C_A asset hired to cause people’s sympathy and isolate law enforcement in their fight against illegal drugs. Our Maherus Panicus pulled the article through his “blog” to send messages to the Network. Read very carefully: Img6

The Roseen case against the police of Idaho was dropped a year later link, but you already know the law suit was not about winning. It was about drawing enough attention to scare away police departments from efficiently catching interstate drug dealers.

Puzzle coming together?

Do you know why POTUS tweeted about Afghanistan exactly 334 minutes and 45 seconds after his IDAHO tweet? You know 45 is his signature right? Now what is this 334? If you know Afghanistan is the world largest producer of opium and supplier of cannabis link, this will be an easy ride. Read very carefully: Img7

Do you now see the extreme power of the Maestro saying: “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION”?

He’s shutting down the Cabal’s main source of revenue and control and this is why all those involved at the lower levels of the pyramid are going CRAZY: Secret Societies, the Swamp, the Fake News, Wall Street launderers, Hollywood etc…

I know you are still waiting for me to tell you why it was reported the Maestro wanted to buy Greenland the same day this Idaho tweet was posted link. He confirmed it 2 days later: until 4:35.

Our Maherus Panicus knows the answer. Watch until 0:58

Did you solve?

You know that since ”green” is another name for “weed”, Greenland is code for the international drug trafficking platform.

Why did he say the joke Trump wanted to rename Greenland Ivanka?

Answer: the Maherus Panicus is better at numbers than the Scaramucus 666 and he quickly realized GREENLAND=80, which is also the value for BILL MAHER!

He knew the Maestro was referring to his riddle and was talking directly to him.


#8chan online after #Cloudflare #CEO & #Obama #Whitehouse staffdropped #Qanon

Statement by8chan board owner


Currently 8chan can be reached but has limited functions.


IP is working take the link below and put the periods between the numbers no spaces. that is the catalog navagate as usual however the media files not going to work.


http://206 223 147 214/qresearch/catalog.html


Cloudflare 150 million Obama man 2016 added to board

It appears that the the domain name of eight chan is being blocked by “Other  providers” now via this Cisco Umbrella. Perhaps a Tech savey that can decode who the provider is??? Peruvian coffee…


#QPost Logical Question Q. You need an ID for all these but not to Vote? #VoterID #QAnon #MAGA

#QPost Logical Question Q. You need an ID for all these but not to Vote? #VoterID #QAnon #MAGA

#QPost Logical Question Q. You need an ID for all these but not to Vote? #VoterID #QAnon #MAGA

New: Title TBD


QPost 3548 New Q directing us to “De-class Exculpatory Evidence Withheld”

New #QAnon Post dropped on #Q’s #PatriotsFight board.
[Placeholder – [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV]

The #DECLAS will reveal that exculpatory evidence wasn’t reported when #FISA Trump Surveillance were submitted.
#FISA DE-CLAss holds a place in time whereby its release will give the maximum benefit to the effort to #DrainTheSwamp.



Exculpatory defined:

That’s exculpatory evidence: anything that clears someone or something of guilt or blame is exculpatory. Exculpatory comes from the Latin word exculpat, meaning “freed from blame.” The verb exculpate means to free from guilt or blame.





ChemTrails no more??? The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day.

The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day.
The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day.
The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day.

Washington DC. July 4th 2019. Salute to America.

This date and this event will be in history books.

When all is accomplished and what is now classified is made public, this day will be recognized by historians as the day of the Announcement of a Great Victory.

Those who are familiar with my writings already know about the silent but deadly war POTUS is engaged in against the Cabal and how he regularly updates us through his tweets and the Q board.

By us learning the comms and paying attention, I have shown you through more than 170 articles how POTUS and Q reward us with the most privileged information about the Battlefield.

Before we dive into decoding the message Trump gave us during this Salute to America event, did you notice that he confirmed my decode made on July 2nd 2019 about Parkland and the glitch at the Democratic Debate? He coded it in a tweet pulling Q3230. Enjoy:Img1PNG

We went through several confirmations from POTUS and Q in the past but this one is particularly welcomed because I see there is a growing number of people wanting to learn the comms. These confirmations from POTUS and Q are also for you. You are being strongly encouraged to learn.

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

Let’s now get to it.

Question: why did POTUS call the event: Salute to America? Answer: Img2PNG

Did you solve the riddle generated by Phantom Fireworks and Grucci, the 2 companies that donated the fireworks to the event? You needed to pay attention to Melania’s dress and a slight taste for luxury, tanks and horror movies: Img3PNG

As you can see, this riddle started with a play on the letter R=18 and landed on Heavens and Earth through the Rainbow.

How is the letter R connected to the Heavens and the Earth? What are we being told?

Did you know there is a correspondence between letters and energy, through numbers?

Look how the letter R=18 is connected to the same energy of LIFE by both Jewish and Islamic Traditions: Img4PNG

In Semitic languages, consonants are vocalized with an additional sign that is not part of the alphabet. For example, in Arabic, Ra would just be the letter R with a line on top and its value would still be the same. Egyptians were well aware of this correspondence between letters, numbers and energy and this is why the divinity Ra was the most important one in their metaphysics: video.YouTube

Do you like painting? Have you heard of the Rainbow Portrait? It’s the portrait of Queen of England Elizabeth I. Read very carefully: Img5PNG

With everything we gathered so far, is the puzzle coming together? What can you deduce from this Rainbow Portrait?

Here’s a hint from Bill about the Witch: until 16:47.YouTube You got that? The Witch talks to the dead. Wow. Is it figurative or part of some therapy as they tried to later sell us? Not according to Bob Woodward: article. As you can see, I call her the Witch for a very specific reason…

With this additional clue can you solve the Rainbow Portrait? Here is the solution:Img6PNG

Ok, let’s recap: Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, at 69, after 44 years on the throne and, like Pharaoh, rules England and its territories from the afterworld through the Cult of the Immortal Queen she established before dying. Now you know why the Queen’s ride is a Rolls Royce and why they had to create the Phantom model.

Question: can you name a prominent member of this Cult?

Peruvian Coffee for those who pulled the right July 4 tweet and who linked 44 to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA=163, which is the same value as IMMORTAL QUEEN=163 and confirms the year of the Queen’s death in 1603! Discover how and why HUSSEIN was created:Img7PNG

Now that we know Liz lost her throne to a demon, let’s analyze how he operates. It’s coded in her outfit. Let’s zoom on it: Img8PNG

Isn’t this fascinating? Metaphysical chemtrails. When you think about it, it’s very simple: through sacrifices and rituals, you allow a demon to hack your biology, then, he uses your subtle body as a medium to exhale his “commands” in the ambient air that is in turn inhaled by the ruled masses who are instructed to obey. This means as long as the subtle body of the host (manifested by the aura) is available to the demon, he can still operate in our dimension and access a human throne when in his world, he’s just a low life entity. Would he bother coming here otherwise? Welcome to the Cult.

Q620 These people are stupid. Q

A good question to ask is: was the Maestro able to neutralize this entity? Look at this drop:

Q134 One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history). Other sides falling.

This is proof the Maestro and his troops are also fighting at the metaphysical level. In the case of the Cult of the Immortal Queen and metaphysical chemtrails, he coded his victory in his stop at Morristown on July 7 and the use of the world “mild” in one of the July 4th tweets. Those who are cigar aficionados know this word very well. Can you picture Q with his Partagas D5?

Q3361 Many were disappointed w/ H report when released. Just because the ‘public’ isn’t aware of something…… D5 Q

Hahaha! Peruvian Coffee on me Anons!

Look how the Queen’s low cost cigar serpent was defeated and how the Maestro walks over its dead body: Img9PNG

How did I know I had to check the Maestro’s shoe area on July 7? Answer: because Melania’s shoe color on Independence Day was the 7th color of the Rainbow! Read very carefully: Img10PNG 

Now you are equipped to understand the power of 163, how it relates to our recent history, how it was used by the Cabal to enslave us and how Trump took it from them to free us and WIN. We’ll call it the Phoenix Principle: Img11PNG 

This Phoenix Principle is in the Bible. Right here:

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666. Revelation 13:18

Do you see it? That 666 is the number of the beast as long as there is not enough wisdom and insight for the Seeker to transmute it to the number of a man. There is no number of the beast intrinsically. God is saying it’s just a transitional state of knowledge. Everything belongs to God. Before Trump was elected, 163 was the number of the IMMORTAL QUEEN and its dark derivatives. His insight and wisdom allowed him to make it the number of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, then of SALUTE TO AMERICA. I know… One day we’ll decode the Bible together, with the Maestro watching… 🙂

Now that we know that the Maestro has put an end to the metaphysical chemtrails by applying the Phoenix Principle to the dynamics of the Immortal Queen, let’s go through all his July 4th tweets to see how he dealt with the physical chemtrails:Queen/Monarch Seeking Shelter.PNG

Let’s listen to a whistleblower to understand how chemtrails are operated: video.YouTube With this information, we can now decode the next tweets:

What Happens If Seized?PNG 

Trolling Is FunPNG

Clock Work OrangePNG

The Path To ChemtrailsPNG 

Chemtrails & Mind ControlPNG

Would They Spray Themselves?PNG

The Flood!PNG

Infiltrators OutPNG

Why Are We Spraying The Sky?PNG


The Earthquake AttackPNG


The Weather AttackPNG

Military Might And VictoryPNG

Chai: Resurrection CompletedPNG

Now, let’s talk about the Maestro referring to 1775 airports in his speech. Hahaha! That was EPIC! Did you see how the clueless Fake News and low IQ operators mocked him? Let’s watch: until 39:40YouTube

Did you pay attention to what he said the next day? Watch until 7:50YouTube

Did you notice the + sign at 7:02?! He made it right after mentioning the teleprompter was KAPUT. Value for KAPUT? Yes 69. Got the tweet? Here’s the solution: Img26PNG

This Q+ area of the speech is also confirmed by a V-22 simultaneously flying over: Img27PNG

Now we can decode the first part of the coded area and see it’s about the status of our air: Img28PNG

Here is the confirmation that the reference to “airport” was not a mistake: Img29PNG

And here is the decode: Img30PNG

Are you tired of winning yet?

Here is the summary of the Maestro’s message: M 1/2PNGM 2/2PNG

Now that they are being graciously sprayed, you know what’s going to happen next right? Yes, to survive, after saying it was a conspiracy theory, they will have to admit that chemtrails are real. And of course, to keep the party going, the Maestro, Q, you and I will label them as delusional conspiracy theorists!

It has already begun. Look how they randomly reported on May 2019 a statement Kylie Jenner made about chemtrails in 2015: article


Q743 These people are really stupid. Q